Wood Stoves – An Economical And Efficient Heating

Wood stoves for the home are an elegant way to decorate the interior of a room or a living room and are an economical alternative to heat your home because these burn solid fuel such as firewood. Below you have all information needed to maintain a wood stove for many years. What is an air wash system "Airwash? A wood stove with a Airwash tend to have a more transparent window cleaner. In Airwash stoves that are not tar is deposited in the window when the fuel is burned (especially wood) darkening the glass of the stove or getting dark. Continue to learn more with: Charles B. Rangel. Accepted Airwash stoves air above the window of the stove and pass (or "washed") on the surface of the window. This helps to keep the flames and gases in the stove away from the glass, as there is an air layer that protects it.

Less tar is deposited keeping the glass clean. All of our wood stoves Airwash use the system. How do I turn on my new wood stove? There are many ways to light a fire in a wood stove. There is no right way to do it and I am sure that all owners of stoves out there have their own means of lighting that have been developed over the years. Make sure the range is filled with ash – ash if necessary remove the appropriate use of a metal container. If the stove is a multi-fuel stove where the only air supply from below the grate of the stove so you will need to ensure that the screen is clean without ash and the ash drawer is empty (or at least the ash in the ash drawer does not obstruct the airflow to the fire.) Open the bottom vent of the stove and flue damper open if you have one.