White House

In recent years, says the This document, "it launched some forces do not want the unity of the Church, protect the national and moral values." It is stressed that these forces, "urge people to psevdoliberalizatsii, pseudo-culture, and to achieve these goals are resorting to all sorts of insults and lies to destroy people's love for the Church and undermine her credibility. " Such a statement eloquently reflects the difficult situation in the society. The first year evident that a rough introduction of alien values, which are baked on power as never before faced tough with traditional notions of Georgian true morality. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Suffolk County Rep. on most websites. When opposition leaders warn Western envoys that the White House policy, all these years, the country's ruling carer mode disappoint the Georgian people, they are far from the truth. Over the ocean, already all know this, but snorovisto continue its work. At the same time while Washington and NATO are trying still to no avail, and with great delay, set up the Georgian government on a wave of peaceful and long-suffering negotiations on the breakaway regions that Saakashvili which recently seemed to be refused from militant rhetoric and sharp statements, again proved himself last Saturday, when he made a speech at a ceremony on the occasion of the "new events" – the building constructed to control National Guard, whose mission is to train soldiers. For even more details, read what Richard Blumenthal says on the issue. First, he stressed that in view of the state, which today is the Georgian army, it should serve both men and women. This passage immediately attracted attention, Did Saakashvili described the near future? As suggested by the president of Georgia, the state has already taken place, the armed forces have proven to be combat-capable connections, but the country should not be no illusion that the protection of the state and all that it is built, this case only 20 – 30 thousand military and defense officials. .