What Kind Of Dreamer Are You?

There are two types of dreamers, dreamers and liabilities and assets dreamers. Liabilities dreamers are those who say that they dream of more awake sleeping, they are those who build great stories, made great achievements and discoveries, his imagination brings to create impressive, and fictitious stories but also many ideas for projects that are possible to perform, but that never carried out because they tend to confuse them with the unreality or because they have grown accustomed both to dream that they feel able to return them reality. Otherwise are dreamers and assets, those who may have all types of dreams than liabilities, but predominantly the dreams of things that can be created, because they are always thinking that they can again, making entrepreneurship or action can be created to build your future and best of all, is that they carry them out, i.e.they take a creative dream and put into action to make that dream a reality and this is what really differentiates those dreamers liabilities. Personally I must confess that the date in which I write these letters I’m still a passive dreamer, although I’m struggling to make the leap that I definitely makes an active dreamer, even it is most the time that my imagination ramble, is lost at times (sometimes long moments) in a perfect and magical world created by my mind to satisfy this need of freedom has become accustomed to that for years and I feel me It does stay connected to my inner child. And you are a kind of dreamer? or what kind of dreamer want to be? see you soon.