TV SPOT GLOBAL PARTNERS LAW – “Now is the Time” This commercial was produced for the law firm , as part of its “Today is the time.” While much of the images and the message falls on the character and his family, according to the need in these times is important to clear immigration status, not less important was to show the face of someone who would represent them in a suspected case. For this reason it was important to consider that the participation of lawyers though short, should be sufficiently explicit and clear. On the other hand I think those shots worth of support from foreign lawyers broke (locally) a bit the classic image of those solemn, in his always well decorated offices.The contrast with the offices of Global Law Partners is a pleasant coincidence, simple, comfortable, good images that might convey a more realistic approach with the public they address.To end my participation Gladis charm like Everardo both during their scenes, no doubt cave that both are two major local talent in Seattle. Filed under: Ohio Senator.