The Role Of The Detective Agency In Computer Security

Everyone understands that the services of a private investigator are needed in today’s tough economic conditions, business and change the personal relationships that increasingly commercial nature and the principle of “Trust but verify” is very relevant. A special place here belongs to the computer and information security. The modern world – a world of high technology. Time when the information was stored exclusively on paper are disappearing, giving way to computers and other technical devices. However, there is a problem how to ensure the security of information and prevent unauthorized access third parties. Our company, Alpha offers a full range of products and services in the field of computer security: the complex system of protection against unauthorized access for Windows and Unix, modern systems Data Encryption (encryption of files and disks), the control system of user actions, including computer surveillance, etc. We have experience in computer security for: strategic sites, transportation facilities, industrial facilities, bodies of state power and manage our experienced specialists will help in matters of: identifying the problems of information security, prevention of threats to computer security prevent threats to information security, prevent leaks of confidential information, personal data protection, protection of trade secrets, contact our managers you will receive qualified consultation and can be confident that the security of your business will be provided by professionals.