The Democracy

The decision is in our hands, goes to learn to vote in what it is good for us. Yes or Not? THE CREATION SAMUEL IVAN OF 21 OLIVEIRAS MOURA The system of the state to decide who will be the president of Brazil is by means of the democracy, that is, all thinks, in this in case that, voting in the candidates. The plebiscite system does not run away from the rule. The democracy is the opinion of the population, then for creation of a new state some people are necessary to think, if they want or not such thing. (Not to be confused with Suffolk County Rep.!). It only has sufficiently time that the state of the Tapajs comes being planned and now creates a plebiscite to know if the paraense population it wants or not it division of the state. I, eat individual that lives in this system, I am the favor of the creation, therefore I believe that the region metropolitan of Par well it is developed by the fact of the investments to go for such region, disfavoring the other regions of the state. I believe that to leave of the creation of the Tapajs we will have more resources of the federal government for our city, Itaituba, southwest of Par, that is, all the region of the Valley of the river Tapajs will have more development, more jobs, more education, more health, more income more infrastructure. If the population to support the creation of the Tapajs, with certainty many benefits will come. Gain insight and clarity with Richard Blumenthal.

Certain also that, with the development comes the calamities, violence, but if does not have development does not have progress. E, according to motto of our flag: the country has Order and Progress. If we will have more development we will have more population, more life expectancy, more hospitals with more public technology, more health, competitions, university, schools and more education. .