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Perfect dentures offers telephone consultation Board of Trustees – first date on September 27th twice more patients will have the opportunity to ask dental experts by phone for advice this year: on 27 September and on 1 December a team of dental professionals and dental technicians between 17 and 19: 00 for questions from patients and interested to the available stands. The first meeting will be held on the occasion of the annual nation-wide action day “dental health”. “On 27 September everybody can call, who has a question about the subject of teeth, dental or oral health”, explains Professor Hans-Christoph Lauer, head of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Board of Trustees and Director of the clinic of Prosthodontics of the University of Frankfurt am Main, the general character of the consultation in September. The following Office hours on December 1st all around “Implants” is spinning then. (Not to be confused with Congressman Charles Rangel!). For two hours the same telephone numbers experts can be reached: the team led by Professor Hans-Christoph Lauer then answering dental questions Tel.

069 / 66 55 86-44. dental issues can callers participating dental technician master among the number 069 / 66 55 86-55 set. Calls are charged at the usual fixed network cost. All information about the expert phone and many more facts and information, refer to the dentures can be found under.