Executive Search

If a person is dissatisfied with something in the company, he always find a way to go. Recruiters only help him in this. On the other hand, some companies, managers have feared headhunters call, because this could be a provocation by the authorities, "a test of loyalty." This legacy historical development and serfdom, there are said to be only in the former Soviet Union. In the West, in this respect, more freedom. There is a culture of job search.

They are more open to change, easily move to work in other cities and countries. Western experts "should" change jobs every 3-4 years, "not to stagnate." They regularly go to the reception to a headhunter, as an advisor on his career. Naturally, there and we have the essential principle of "seduction" – confidentiality and no harm competitor. Of course, services are expensive headhunters. Typically, such agencies seek a fee of 25-33% of annual salary desired specialist. Given the fact that "valuable frame 'earning at least $ 2-5 thousand, the agency earned on them is also quite good.

The average fee, such as the Moscow branch of the global network of headhunting Ward Howell is 40000 euro, and maximum fee of up to one million dollars. In Kiev today will not work until a single representative of the international headhunting agencies, local agencies of 5.7 have positioned themselves as headhunting and a dozen of the leading recruitment agencies offer a service Executive Search, as an extra. "Victims" technology headhunting technology perfected in the West long ago and at first glance, is a big deal.