Russian Government Commission

Russian authorities have decided to support the domestic car manufacturers unprecedented high import duties on foreign cars. Fall under the protection and transportation funds collected by foreign manufacturers in Russia. What is it expressed? The fact that the duty on foreign cars aged up to three years in Russia will grow from 25% to 30%. Similar sizes and rates are prompted to enter into passenger cars in operation for three to five years. This decision was made on November 7 the Russian Government Commission on protective measures in foreign trade and customs tariff policy.

This proposal has already been announced at a cabinet meeting. Analysts believe that the Featured numbers can actually recognize the final. In effect the decision of the Government Commission will come after the official publication of the ruling government. On cars older than five years will be installed prohibitive rates depending on engine size. From 2,5 to 5, 7 euro for 1 cubic cm – in the cars. This post, initially strongly alarmed suppliers of trucks.

The fact that some media asserted that under the increase of fees will fall and new trucks, including China. Of course, many potential buyers of Chinese trucks and tractors took this post with caution. The point that the Chinese cars (as opposed to European-made equipment) rose in price recently, in 2008. This was associated with the transition of Chinese art at the Euro-3 standard, since it is the beginning of 2008 the import to Russia techniques that do not meet this environmental standard, has been banned.