Translator – Entrepreneur

Time dictates the rules. Yet some 15 years ago, uncontrolled and illegal business activity was the absolute norm in all post-Soviet countries. What can I say, the time was like. Very much needed build a new market economy, and the other way, bypassing the temporary chaos, in such circumstances can not be avoided. But this time, just like any other, has passed.

Confident exclusion of small enterprises by large companies and corporations, gradual disappearance of cash as a means of settlement, a clear structure and automation of most business processes, finally, the hard work of controlling bodies All this tells me one thing – future, most likely because legal business. Already, entrepreneurial activity, little beyond a "grandmother sells seeds, without being formally executed, delivers a lot of problems. What to say about business with serious ambitions Why Ukraine freelancers as opposed to the inevitable progress? Of course, due to lack of information. Making your business some reason everyone associated only with minuses. This is, firstly, the need to pay taxes, and secondly, the regular paperwork.

There is a third, far less than advertised, the reason. Translator, which offers its services in the status of private entrepreneurs, comes with a customer in the formal employment relationship. This imposes an increased responsibility for the quality of the work, which is very disadvantageous psevdoperevodchikam and other incompetent performers. That is, if before the most terrible punishment for a foiled an order or low quality has been an elementary failure of the fee, then issued the emergency, will also be responsible for the fact of non-compliance with the treaty. To see the big picture, consider these minuses and pluses add to them: – Taxes. Which is better: to earn $ 100, without spending a penny, or earn $ 200, while spending $ 50. In the first case, earning $ 100 in the second – $ 150. Approximately the same situation with taxation. Regularly paying in As part of its tax income, the income of a professional interpreter begins to grow. After all, it opens access to work with government agencies and large firms. The fact that 90% of these companies is quite reasonably prefer to work exclusively officially. – Bookkeeping. Perhaps the only real problem. Man, unfamiliar with this process will be very difficult to understand with the filling of returns and etc. Often for the first time attracted a specialist, and then a translator and begins to delve. This is akin to filling in a receipt of public services: just once to see how it makes someone else. For confirmation of these words can go to a Russian translation of forums in which former freelancers to share their experiences and acquired knowledge about the process of registration of emergency (in the Russian version – IP). – Increased responsibility. Here and say, in general, not about anything. Professional and always responsible for the quality of their work, and all others will be gradually eliminated. In addition, as a forgotten side of the coin. Official contractual relationships impose the same obligations and to the customer, namely the guarantee of wages and in terms of payment. – Convenience. All without exception translation favorably and just easier to work officially. Here a lot of nuances, but the way it is. Benefits. Official income, the possibility of obtaining credit, the account seniority, pensions, etc. We see that the pros definitely more, and soon the translators themselves is misunderstood. A we can only wait for this time.