Seek Equality

On 20 and 21 April will be a public day of equal access to safe abortion. This event will be held at the Congress Plaza Hipolito Yrigoyen and Viceroy Ceballos. The vision is optimistic because during the year 2011 favorably modified the scenario for the legalization of abortion. Since the beginning of the debate in Argentina, in Brazil discussion on penal reform and the average penalty in Uruguay where decriminalizes abortion up to the twelfth week of gestation undertake the feminist group that fights for the decriminalization of abortion. Feminists favour abortion believe that most effectively ended in the aftermath of pregnancy unwanted, maternal mortality and risks to health is the democratization of information on the use of misoprostol, easy to use, economical, effective medication and that it can be used by women themselves. The idea of the organizers of the event is to carry out a rally where pharmacies where women seek to buy misoprostol are identified. Each day thousands of women miscarry in Argentina, which know how to use pills to abort and accessing them can do so without risk.

However not going to all equal, it depends on the place where they live, the racism that there is in that place, the money and the information that have. In the end, the experience is very different. The goal of the rally is to observe forms of discrimination in access to the medication that according to who is essential to save the life of women preventing hemorrhage postpartum, which in Argentina is legal but is not available in pharmacies and is cheaper than a surgical abortion and therefore can’t be denied to women who seek him in pharmacies. Misoprostol, known in Argentina as Oxaprost and Mexico as cytotec, are pills that women around the world use to abort in the comfort of their homes until the twelfth week of gestation. Although it should sell in pharmacies and shops presenting a prescription, there are shops where the national identity document, double or triple recipes, ask for a medical diagnosis, or places where it is sold at more than $300 box 16 pills, others where not sell complete box, or where misoprostol is not sold to girls, young, migrant, or African-American, or simply refuse to sell the drug. The feminist group responsible for the event considered timely and necessary to deepen and strengthen the arguments that consolidate and ensure the parliamentary debate and the implementation of public policies focused on the needs of women and girls, in line with the progress achieved during the last ten years regarding the human rights of women.