Human Development In Venezuela

Carlos Mora Vanegas President Hugo Chavez before the statement continued, that should make all efforts to ensure that the Bolivarian Revolution reaches its basic objective of establishing a socialism of the XXI century, can not ignore what it represents in their plans, being careful with respect to all those strategies, investigations, actions, commitment that happened once and for all commitments of previous governments which unfortunately did not get the relevance, which is conducive to human development in the country. Our vision, rather than a political commitment, ideology, issues that deserve further analysis is to emphasize what represents human development, more in a contaminated Venezuela uncertainty, transition, facing changes to what its inhabitants were not prepared because its political history has never been imbued with a government of socialist tendencies. Human Development The term refers to changes that humans suffer throughout his life, as an umbrella term that involves the maturation the body, its structures and body growth, as well as the influence of the environment. Implies not only the growth of the organism, nor just the maturation of certain functions, but provides for the existence of certain environmental conditions that stimulate or hinder this development and at the same time, situations arise that human beings must face change or amended, resolve, adapt, transform and become part of this process of human development. / that the issue of regional and local development became more important in Venezuela as a result of the reforms on decentralization started in 1989. UNDP started in 1999 to validate a strategy for Local Sustainable Human Development (DHSL) that lasted for four years to 22 municipalities in Venezuela.