A student asked me: teacher, by who will you vote in the upcoming presidential election?. Replied: imagine that you are at a party, but all the girls are frankly horrible and to make matters worse none know how to dance. With what bailarias? I think it more likely end up abandoning the party. I write this from Germany, I left the party. I have not changed my address and therefore I cannot vote.

But if it could do so, it would be very difficult to choose between two bad alternatives presented. The white vote sounds tempting. But I think that a President who first reaches the power is better, because he would just learn to steal, while one already passed by the Presidency already it has extensive experience in that field. We’ll see with expectation as it gives the famous debate prior to the second round, we will hear the long list of low blows, insults, prejudices, stereotypes, banalities and platitudes to which we are accustomed in the Peru politicians. When developing my work of motivational speaker in the Peru, me is very difficult to motivate the unemployed despite being very well-trained crash every day with the reality of not finding a job. Happy mortals who hold a job very well know that salary does not reach and housewives have to perform miracles to stretch money until end of month.

Voters in the candidate that did not pass to the second round, for the second time mostly living in your bubble of comfort, surrounded by electric fences, alarms, video cameras, security guards to keep away the dispossessed; for them it is easy to say that success is just a matter of will. That the poor are poor because they want to be it. That everything is in the mind, which can reach a star, if true goals are set and work to achieve them.