Free Legal Consultation

Free legal advice – myth or reality? Each have different answers to this question, but surely agree that ignorant solution to any problem – is creating another problem. Each case must engage a professional: builder – build, the doctor – to cure a lawyer – to help people solve their problems. We live in a time that some of the classics would call "vague." If you look around, then one side you can see, the so-called triumph of democracy, but on the other hand progressive legal nihilism of people who do not know what this democracy "do" and how to "use". This situation can be compared to when the child is given into the hands of a new toy, and it is beautiful and interesting, but do not explain how it works, and he eventually it breaks. Here and now, people were given the triumph of democracy, well-written laws, said that from now on police for "you", the prosecution for "you", the courts for "you", so that there is, all the officials working in the country for "you." It would seem that the whole system works for people, but no system that works, but how to correctly enter the system to get the result we want. Now, when one is confronted with some problem, then begins a crazy rhythm to look for people with whom you can consult (as laid down in the hereditary us mentally, as in the old days peasants went to consult, to the neighbors first, and then to the boyars).

Today nothing has changed: first the person goes to consult with relatives, then to friends (friends), then to an influential friend "to pull", and after all this when the problem is not resolved or decided not, starts to blame anyone but myself. Sound familiar? Worldwide (civilized world, Zambia and Namibia do not count) is common concept – the "legal consultation, "which can be explained simply as a simple man (worker, farmer, plumber, anyone) comes to the professionals (lawyers) who understand the laws and explain to them what his problem, and they, in turn, as its right to decide on which law to refer to any instance and appeal, and easy. Many will say that the legal advice are incredibly expensive, but then allow you to argue, but what about the Internet, or you need it to check the weather or download all the small stuff, why not use them for useful purposes. Nowadays, many lawyers and law firms, many of them influential, who create their own web pages and provide free legal advice at a time when personal contact with them costs a fortune. I will not explain to you why they need it, just trust me, it is very necessary, sometimes a lot more than you own (for them is the reputation and practice), so we left you just use their help. And next time when you have a problem, do not stay with her one on one contact with free legal advice online Let professionals help you solve it. Let's be together to enjoy the benefits of democracy that were previously unavailable, and improve their legal literacy.