Creative Photographer

It has become axiomatic that only a negligible percentage of a large number of persons becoming professional photographers. Fortunately, the main cause of failure is more often that people are not strong enough they want to. They generally not particularly trying to succeed. And the one who succeeds is not necessarily really good photographer – so what then is the essence of success or failure? I am far from giving a complete answer to this question. I want to tell us about your experience as a landscape photographer, but in the past – a strategic consultant to major corporations.

There are several key themes, the study of which will help anyone who wants to go into the sphere of professional photos. I am in no way am not talking about people who chose a photograph of his profession at a young age, she studied at colleges and universities describe themselves as professionals. I'm talking about those who, fortunately or unfortunately, had a permanent job, and who suddenly illuminated the idea that it would be better to do photography for money, than just sit in the office – or even combine these two classes. I'm talking about people who would like to turn their hobby into source of income – and that I was lucky to do so. Find out if you demand Professional photographer makes the presence of customers. You can have a great studio, the most expensive equipment and even the best photographers in the world, but Only those customers make of you a professional.

Games Children Attention

This can be done already without haste, taking into account all the laws of composition. Take a camera for a party Games Children react to the camera in different ways. I remember one little girl, afraid of only one form of my professional camera (large and black), in all haste she ran to her mother, hiding under her “Wings”. Sometimes children are embarrassed, are beginning to pose, what is even worse. Unlike adult kids show great emotions directly (not). But when they try to portray something mime and pantomime intentionally, it turns out, usually grotesque, strained.

So, with embarrassment, fear and posturing must fight! How? Very simple! Become a more interesting camera, capturing all the attention the children of his persona, offered by you game. If you can focus all their attention on this, then the process of shooting automatically becomes for all participants with something minor, as it turns into the background. Interestingly, the elements of this approach used not only in photos, but even in the staging of portrait photography. For example, removing the portrait, I fixed the camera on a tripod, cook it to the shooting and start talking with the child sitting in front of me about his favorite games, food, friends, cartoons, dreams In short, fits any topic that catches my little buddy. I’m almost completely immersed in our conversation, except the index finger of the right hands. He photographed:) win-win situation – to make the camera part of the game, for example, to hide behind him and look out.