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During the days 10, 11, 12 and 13 April 2012, will take place in Cadiz, the IX Congress of the Association ALEPH, writing and dissent: Hispanic literary texts in search of freedom.Cadiz will host the IX Congress of ALEPH hotel Monte Puertatierra, one of the hotels in Cadiz 4 stars, will participate in the same, offering accommodation to lso Congressional assistants. Hispanic literature researchers will participate in this Congress not doctors who continue their studies in a Ph.d. More info: Amazon. program, carried out his doctoral thesis or that they have read it in the current year. Jim Donovan Goldman gathered all the information. The thematic axes of the same are literature in contradiction with established ideological norms; the dissemination of the edgy thinking through Hispanic writing. Literature as a channel of the philosophical, historical, political and social discourse; and writing of roundtrip. The reflection of the exile, dissent and migratory movements in Hispanic literary texts, among others.

The Youth Association Researchers in Hispanic literature ALEPH he was founded on June 10, 2002 at the University of Valencia, although the orientation of the Association is markedly international and their members come from universities in various parts of the globe. As its name suggests, ALEPH aims to bring together all those researchers that, either continuing their studies at a doctoral program, or being already carried out his doctoral thesis, proposed further research in the field of Spanish and Hispano-American literature. To date there have been eight international conferences in different locations: Valencia, Santiago de Compostela, Granada, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Manchester and Gerona. You can book your rooms to attend this Congress, by clicking on the following link which will lead you to the booking engine on our website: book room in the HOTEL MONTE PUERTATIERRA

Health Organization

Depression is the second most widespread disease worldwide according to the W.H.O. (World Health Organization), for which there is no effective cure that ends with her definitely. It is true that there are palliative methods. However, disguise or reduce the symptoms is not a solution, neither is effective, to combat depression. Proof of this is the high number of relapses for those who suffer from this disease, once they stop taking the treatments based on pills and attend lots of sessions with psychologists and psychiatrists. Ruben Quintas is a young man suffered a deep depression for 7 years and he would have experienced in their own flesh the ineffectiveness of the conventional methods used to fight and get out of this terrible disease. And managed to overcome depression, but not with pills or attending the consultation of a psychologist, but seeking answers in mind, because depression is not something physical and therefore not can be treated with something physical.

A wound can be treated with medications to avoid infection and help heal more quickly; but this is not applicable to a negative thought. What is more, nor cure someone who has not lived it can neither treat it. So it is that this young man who lived and suffered a deep depression, had the strength to seek a solution and found it. Now he has captured it in a book that has been published under the title Stop depression, in order to show the right path to other people who like him in his day, are living constantly threatened by the ghosts of the mind. In the words of the own Ruben Quintas Stop depression is a book where story my experience and tell you the technical employee so that you can get what you are looking for. I’ve decided to write it in order to help the people who what is going wrong and can return to feel alive.

Invoice Electronics

When we are the company that Bill we tend to resolve doubts about the electronic invoice in Mexico through the corresponding instances. But who answers the questions that may arise in the customers of these companies? In other words, where can ordinary citizens find answers on the subject? As well, in this article we want to help you understand benefits for all end consumer who receives an electronic invoice. They are listed below in detail:-streamline billing procedures because the electronic invoice allows that the entire process is reduced to a small number of steps. -Better control of invoices is because each invoice issued in an easy way and without taking up physical space can be saved. Even your search is facilitated because folios are found more quickly. -Loss or damage are avoided because the electronic format as opposed to the paper allows the conservation of the invoice for years.

-A copy of the invoice can be sent to your e-mail or e-mail if you wish. Validity does not decrease in any of the cases. -No matter if you’re a regular or occasional client, the electronic invoice may be issued if you so request. -The data that you have to provide to the company so that process you the invoice are the same data that tend to give for the printed invoices. In that case you won’t have to learn new requirements or data to use this method. Finally, when comes the eInvoice to your Inbox, you must make sure that the billing data and amount are correct, because if not you will have to reportar it immediately to the company and it will emit a different Bill with requested corrections. Never you will be given the same corrected invoice, because the folio and signature of each invoice can only be issued once.

Tres Cantos Business

Just as it happened with cars, many offices no longer buy but are rented to reduce costs start of business. A new trend is to establish the Office in a Loft. According to Wikipedia a loft, loft or Gallery is a large space with few divisions, big Windows and very bright. The Lofts are often built in industrial areas to meet the demand of enterprises and entrepreneurs, to provide temporary offices and facilitate the start of new projects, without the burden of definitively extend its facilities. To improve communication, it is also frequent that rented offices in these spaces, type of lofts, close offices or units and offices of its main customers. Innovation is key to competitiveness, and even more so in today’s global markets.

New knowledge are not only generated via research and technology, but also through new solutions in the field of marketing and management. A better traceability of the processes defined in new activities, new ways to follow the behavior of consumers, greater efficiency in the way of doing business, etc. To remain competitive, Spanish companies have to give opportunities to new ideas, to the new values that emerge in the market. You must listen, give opportunities, risking helping young entrepreneurs, to realize the design of a new theoretical work. It is motivating to know the existence of competitions opened by pioneers in the world of consulting, new ideas, encouraging participation and expose new business proposals.

The fact for a jury to assess these proposals and to publicize the concerns of future generations is a sense of optimism, of fresh air, create entrepreneurial muscle, quality essential to tackle the new challenges that a changing society needs to give coverage to the younger generations that each year should be incorporated into the working world. And in the heat of these new ideas and as collaborators of the same, they emerge, as we have already discussed other sectors of support, provided infrastructure for the new project. The location, rental of Office loft during the time putting up project. These spaces have the advantage of being within business parks, place where the development of these new projects finds its breeding ground for success. Therefore, investing in research and technological development in order to adapt business models to the new challenges of the global economy and be better equipped to develop new products or services and sell them. To facilitate the new geniuses its work and all collateral tasks to your project it makes all the sense, and can qualify as essential aid, create environments friendly, easily accessible and close to the central offices, as they can be found in these Lofts converted into offices, to boost innovation (our unfinished) must protect intellectual property and support the entrepreneur. We support initiatives, enabling measures to the central Government, regional and local governments that aviven the sensitivity of companies and individuals to create new models of production, which will be key to maintaining a progressive growth and sustainable development. The new company, the new social and economic moment not be understood without profound changes, without structural changes and these changes will come from new ideas that have the capability and strength to realize their new innovative proposal. ENTREPRENEUR, you are the lever and Government and business authorities going to facilitate the support point. Among all the forces will move the Earth, toward sustainable progress.


12 To August 21, a new edition of the MALAGA fair will take place.The best offer of accommodation for the MALAGA fair nine days of celebration in the capital of the Costa del Sol, in one of the activities of the city which brings more visitors. During these days, street is the protagonist in fair day in the night and in bars is can enjoy and savour the generous wines as well taste the great variety of tapas prepared to accompany them. Malaga fashion, Pablo Alboran, singer will be the crier of the fair on the night of August 12, the night of the Fireworks that announce the start of the malacitanos celebrations. Starting Saturday 13th, Malaga will officially celebrate its fair in August. If you want your booking, provide you the following link which will take you to the booking engine on our website: want to make a reservation in EL HOTEL MONTE MALAGA next to all this, the Plaza de Toros de la Malagueta will offer its bullfighting, that, once will announce the matadors who pisaran the Malaga albero, will realize in this corporate BLOG hotels MONTE. Also, if you stay in our hotel, one of the top four-star Malaga Hotels, may also request, free of charge, our tourist routes, to not only enjoy the fair but of other recreational and tourist attractions of the city.

Generating Money

You can create a blog with the goal of generating money for the company. Therefore, there are no policies that guide us on how to create and maintain a blog. Many people who have blog seek to generate money out of it. The aim of this writing will be detailing some options to earn money through a blog. One of the first ways to earn money with your blog is through the incorporation of Google AdSense ads. This is relatively quick to simply must enter in Google then have an AdSense account, review the features and functions of AdSense promotional tools; You will then receive an HTML code.

Then select this HTML code and enter it on your blog. When readers select any Google AdSense ad and you buy something through that link, you will make money through Commission. A second way to make money from the ads on your blog is when advertising space is sold to other people. I have seen some blogs where a small announcement generates up to $250 per month. Imagine having 10 of these in your blog; you could win $2,500 per month. Nothing bad, right? Now, in order to sell ads, must generate traffic your blog, because otherwise there would be no benefit to its advertisers.

This is probably one of the ways to earn money with your blog more consistently. The blog must point to a specific audience, thus proves effective for advertisers targeting the same market and to achieve that they pay to advertise their products in the. The third way of making money with your blog is very popular and involves the use of your blog for affiliate promotions. It can be achieved in different ways. One way is to place links on your blog of the affiliate products. As well, another way is to publish notes with reviews of products from affiliates that promote. When people are evaluating the possibility of buying something, they enjoy reading reviews of other people. If your reviews are honest and useful, it is likely that people click on your affiliate links. You must insert the links several times in the articles of your blog; studies have shown that it is the most effective method, is a subtle way to promote links to start your blog, it is likely that you use affiliate promotions to earn money until you have enough traffic to your site as to attract other advertisers. A tool to generate money through blog, this way is indirect, include a subscription form voluntary (opt-in) through which visitors can register to receive updates or notifications from your party or your newsletter, where you have it. The usual procedure is to offer you something free to its visitors to encourage them to register. An e-book, a report, a video or audio free material can be. How to make money with this method is periodically send e-mails to your contacts list to promote its own products or those of its affiliates. Although this is not a method to earn money immediately, it is the method that enters much money sellers online, in a way that make a solid base from which the blog grow. Now, I’ve taught him some ideas for making money with your blog. I hope that you can take them, apply them and develop a successful blog.