Rene Mendez Capote

Who came to Cuba at least on one occasion has to be oriented somehow, will unavoidably know that is spoken, if you hear talk of a Havana called Vedado area. The Vedado in the Cuban capital is one of the most populous areas of the city, not to mention that gathers a lot of the most important hotels in Cuba that provide service to tourism which is decided by knowing the Caribbean through a trip to Cuba. It is one of the favorite urban sectors of habaneros, a central capital region that many prefer to dwell, and where also moves much of the possibilities of leisure and recreation of the natives and also of foreigners within the urban geography… Vedado is today, without discussion, the Meridian area of the city. But it was not always so for that part of the city. An important Cuban writer, Rene Mendez Capote, said Vedado in one of his most famous books, to contrast it with what he saw from him in the Decade of the 80s of last century. A.

early in the 20th century, a family, while it almorzaba in the dining room of his home in 15 corner b, looked effortless seascape and the movement of ships. The Vedado from my childhood was a marine Crag on which the gulls flew entrusted and in whose weed grew wild and abundant grape Creek. There were few houses in la loma. And in the lower part, in addition to some fifth House, only I remember Hotel Trotcha, El Vedado in its beginnings was very different to that seen today. To talk about the beginnings of Vedado, let unravel the origins of its name. Since the 16th century existed next to the Almendares River a town that was, as we have said on another occasion, the first settlement on the North coast of what was intended outside the main town of the Western Cuban.