Stuttgart In February 2010 On Roadshow

Sales-evolution – the Stuttgart-based life insurance company a.G. goes business partners and interested agents in whole Germany with new sales concepts in February 2010 on road show Stuttgart, November 03, 2009 – presented under the motto ‘sales evolution we open doors, eyes and ears’ the Stuttgart 2010. The Germany tour kicks off on February 2nd in Dusseldorf. From there, it goes through eight more cities. The new products of the Swabian insurer are at the Centre of the road show.

Intelligent, innovative sales approaches presented and will be ensuring the audience in direct dialogue even more success are linked. The rounded total program gives ample opportunity for exchanging personal and stimulated discussions in addition to the provision of specialist information. Register and more information on the venues are interested in or at the telephone number 0800 / 347 80 06 ROAD SHOW 2010 the dates on a Views: 02.02.10 Dusseldorf 04.02.10 Esslingen 09.02.10 Hannover 13 Hamburg 11.02.10 Frankfurt 17.02.10 Berlin 22.02.10 Munich 23.02.10 Nuremberg 25.02.10 Dresden stock fish press information The power of the word Kathrin of Hamad Babu road 56 20357 Hamburg Tel.: 040 / 72 00 92 14 fax: 040 / 72 00 92 29 E-Mail: Stuttgart-based life insurance company contact a.G. Jasmin Callegari Rotebuhlstrasse 120 70197 Stuttgart phone: 0711 / 6 65 1471 fax: 0711 / 6 65 1515 E-Mail:.

A Strong Woman Fighting 50 Years

Exactly 50 years ago, Rosi Ganguly sent the first 400 packets to orphan children in India – today the Andheri help is one of the most successful organizations 50 years (November 1960) with my students, I grabbed the first parcel of 400 Indian orphans. “, says Rosi Ganguly. The leave today at age replied with this campaign on a call for help from Andheri in Mumbai. This had been preceded by a star – article that reported on the disastrous conditions in an orphanage. One of the most successful private German non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the development scene arose from this spontaneous help in the last 50 years the Andheri help! Milestones of the last 50 years Andheri help: bringing 1.25 million light eye operations in Bangladesh, 300,000 poor women as new small entrepreneurs, 200,000 freed child workers and former street children, tens of thousands of lucky girls, may live and killed not shortly after birth. Rosi Ganguly has proven that you can be with can provide innovative means, persuasion and at eye level with the distressed succeeded against seemingly overwhelming poverty. Andheri help Bonn – help for self-help in India an interview with Mrs Gangavaram is possible. Pictures and more information are available.

“” Awards for Rosi Gangavaram 1979 Bundesverdienstkreuz am Bande 1980 papal order Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice “1987 Federal cross of merit 1.Klasse 2002″Golden Heart”(in gala-show of”Image helps”) 2003 Luise rinser Prize 2004 naming Rosi Gollmann school Tiefenbach (KreisKarlsruhe) 2005 chance the World Award” by the Club of Budapest 2005 great Federal cross of merit 2009 Caritas decoration of honour in gold with link to the digital press kit Vita by Rosi Ganguly and Chronicle of the Andheri help : images/pdf/Digitale%20Pressemappe_stand%2001-06-2010.pdf the Andheri help Bonn is a free, independent organization of development cooperation. She emerged from a private initiative for children in need in Andheri in Mumbai and has worked since 1967 as a non-profit association. Currently, it supports over 150 projects and programs in India and Bangladesh. Exists since 1974 the eyesight program save in Bangladesh”, that today more than a million blind people permanently to new sight helped. Andheri help voluntarily undergoes testing the German Central Institute for social issues DZI seal of approval as a sign of certified seriousness and worthiness of donations (7% overhead).

Time Management Seminar Successful Self-organisation Almost

In this seminar only two seats available the orenda Publisher for holistic success of Gaufelden in the Stuttgart area held on 27 and 28 March 2012 the time management seminar successful self-organisation. The organizer has announced that now only two places in this event are free. Trainer and coach Erich Erwin Weissmann the orenda system for successful self-organisation conveys in this two-day seminar for time management and self organization. With this system users can in about 40 minutes a week and daily 5 minutes reliably plan all their projects, goals, tasks and appointments, control and monitor. Ohio Senator is open to suggestions. This seminar is aimed at medium-sized entrepreneurs, executives, and success-oriented people generally who want to reliably meet the demanding everyday and want to optimize their skills in time management, and self sustainable. The participants receive a comprehensive package with all documents and materials, which they need to even while the Seminar to switch its self organisation on the new system and to apply this already practical for their own planning. This system has been proven reliable and is for many clients and participants of the orenda publishing in operation since 1996.

Since then, the system is optimized and continually improved. Erich Erwin Weissmann is founder of the orendatrainings for holistic success and even two business owners. He coached since 1984 holder, Managing Director and executives of medium-sized companies, as well as freelancers and managers in the area of success training and personal coaching. He is also working as a management consultant and coach of strategic management for mid-sized companies since 1986. Seminar Organizer orenda Publisher for holistic success settler 46 71126 Gaufelden Tel. (07032) 7889-0 fax. (07032) 7889-78 successful self-organisation author: Oliver Weissmann orenda marketing / PR Institute & Publisher


Australia is one of those continents that have a capital to it it is surrounded by water from all sides. Buying a home in this wonderful place is like a dream come true. While buying a home, a person needs hefty amount. In case, if the borrowers do not possess it then he can avail home loans Australia to fulfill his dream. While purchasing home, a person must consider various facts in mind like location, city, commuting, accessibility to market and amount, importantly.

Home loans can be categorized into two categories namely secured and unsecured options. In the secured option, borrower of collateral plays in important role as amount offered is based on the value of collateral. Under this option, the borrowers can withdraw or avail the amount that correspondence to the equity value of it usually, the borrowers can access 125% of asset’s value from the market. The secured option is backed with various advantages like low interest rate, larger amount for longer period of time. This inculcate that without delimiting any other expenses, the borrowers can manage to pay monthly installment. These loans are backed with easy and flexible repayment duration of about 10 to 25 years. The amount availed is larger as it ranges from 5000 75 000.

The interest rate quite genuine so that everyone can charged is kept afford it. In contrary, unsecured option in home loans Australia is best suited for those borrowers who do not have or interested in pledging collateral. The borrowers like non-homeowners, tenants, PGs, students, etc can avail the chance to opt for this loan option. Collateral free option makes the loan approval faster and quicker as no time is consumed in evaluation. Apart from this, the borrower is free from the risk of asset repossession in case of multiple non-repayment of installment amount. Usually, borrowers can avail the amount varying from 5000 25 of 000 this amount can vary from borrower to borrower as it is depended upon the present income, goodwill and repaying capability. Online market is flooded with various calendar who are ready to offer home loans Australia at affordable Council. With online calculators, the borrowers find easy to compare and contrast the loan quotes. Aaden Marsh is Advisor of home equity loans Australia.For any information regarding home equity loans. Seniors home equity loans visit

Young Professionals

Spring action: New staff advertise on Jobvoting – now especially inexpensive the demographically-induced shortage hits this year 2011 companies in Germany and Austria particularly sensitive. It is even more important for employers to search specifically for Young Professionals and professionals and to inspire you for your company. Therefore, launched Germany’s first portal for employer reviews, now his spring campaign in April 2006. Until the 29th of April, employers on at particularly inexpensive conditions service packages can purchase via employer branding to attract targeted potential new applicants who are interested in the company, or are currently looking for a job. April 29, offers its diamond service package for 1.690,–EUR instead of as previously 1.790,–EUR. It includes as a service for the employer the premium, a quality seal as recommended employers, an editorial report employee’s voice”on the basis of with the Employees of listed telephone interviews, as well as other marketing services. The premium includes the integration of a free amendable company portraits including description of personnel policy and the searched fields, integration of logo, image video, testimonials, photos and up to 50 jobs in the month in particular. In addition more services offered the employer such as the linking of social media activities and the integration of press releases.

This all-inclusive package company in many different ways to communicate effectively their benefits as an employer a wide audience. Convince potential candidates with your promising career opportunities, work places or attractive remuneration models. is this the right partner and the appropriate platform to put his company in the proper spotlight. Whether it is a small, medium-sized or large companies. Jobvoting has since 2006 over many years of experience as a first mover in the German-speaking market and you can therefore advise which employer branding measures are promising and tailored to your needs. More information see or contact our sales department at the email address or call us at + 49 (0) 30 346 498 922. We look forward to your call and advise you gladly further how your company takes advantage of our employer branding concepts and looking for the best minds on the labour market success. ( is the leading German-speaking freedom and business portal for job reviews created by workers and employers editorial, reviews since 2006. The reader can inform on the basis of published essays about their potential new employers. In addition, provides further Web2. 0 functions, such as the employee forum or the JobBlogs. Surveys are conducted on a regular basis, that the situation on the German Labour market will be examined closer.