Corporate Video

What’s the limitation of space has become a relative concept and not main character as it was until recently. For this reason increasingly more companies opting to hang corporate videos on its website. All we find it easier to see actual images in movement and listening to a voice that explains the origins, services and motivations of a company, rather than spend more than 10 minutes reading the same text content. In summary, the E-video is a format that multiplies the capacity of our webspace, since in one portal can transmit more information and communication much more effectively. In Audiovisual workshop we believe the message of the E-video, or corporate video for web, must be concise, clear and cut to the Chase.

The surfer is used to scroll through several pages simultaneously and stay in each one of them an average of less than min, therefore, if we want to capture their attention, it will be necessary to plan the efficiency of our video: creating audiovisual of short duration, which includes the maximum information, that this is narrated in a direct and simple manner, and to play with the images so that they are really attractive. Another trend beginning to succeed between the web sites of many companies is the creation of on-line TV channels. Company can dispose of different television channels, organised according to the different products or services offered and, thus, become a transmitter of a constantly updated information, news of its sector, developments in its services or even messages private customers, suppliers or employees. These channels require a continued work of editing content, being a virtually live video broadcast, and few are still producers able to give coverage to this type of production. In Audiovisual workshop we like being the order of the day in audiovisual technology and therefore we offer the service of audiovisual content for channels continuous editing of TV Online-our customers.