Research Model

Stores in DE classic design, single row, placed in the handle, and can contain 9 rounds in .357, 8 rounds .44 or 7 rounds – .440 caliber or .50. On a stationary shaft on top are made grooves for mounting optical sights. It should be noted that the development of design 'Eagle' is not stopped. Last issued in Israel had the model designation of Mark VII, but most Americans like everything American, and because developers pistol – the firm 'Magnum Research' decided to postpone the creation of a gun in the United States, at the same time moving to new versions – the so-called "Platform Mark XIX '. Ohio Senator shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. XIX platform model called not by accident – the fact that the very 'platform' – this pistol frame with a trigger mechanism, venting the drive and the slide frame.

To create any of the 8 possible modifications of the model XIX is only necessary to establish the 'platform' interchangeable barrel caliber and length of the desired (2 variants in each caliber – 152 and 254mm), set the appropriate shutter in the frame and select a store for the correct cartridge. Thus, having one 'Platform' can have up to 8 different guns, which gives greater flexibility to use (especially important when hunting in different places and at different beast), and cost savings – a set of additional barrel, bolt and one store will be approximately 500 to 650 U.S. dollars, and the new 'Eagle' – from 1200 to 1500 dollars of the same U.S..


Thus date of December 21, 2012 can be recorded six characters. Incidentally, the year 2009 in the Gregorian calendar corresponds to 4707 by the Chinese calendar. Called this calendar – the thousand. Since the calendar is used only certain combinations of characters, it repeats itself cyclically. The duration of each cycle is 60 years, ie every 60 years, the world falls under the influence of the same elements of the story and the interaction of the elements on our planet is repeated every 60 years.

Therefore, it is worth remembering what happened December 21 + -6 days in 1952 and we can with high probability to describe the energetic events December 21, 2012 year. As you can see, the year will be quite rainy, with strong downpours. Learn more on the subject from Ohio Senator. Month of December is also full of rain, while December 21 will be a pleasant day. lower characters of the day and year to form the lower middle hieroglyph strong structure of water in the afternoon, during the hours from 15 to 17, ie, during these hours will a strong filling of underground storage due to heavy rainfall. These characters are the lower of the day and year are the water storage system, they may occur in the a certain hour of the day from 19 to 21 hours. A breaking underground storage tanks can flood all around. Thus You can tell more about the water cataclysm that could occur from 15 to 17 hours – filling the storage of water and from 19 to 21 – a breakthrough of water.

Does this sound like the world cataclysm, as the destruction of Atlantis? Probably not, because in 1952 it did not happen, not what happened in 1892. Yes, and the Chinese calendar does not end on that date. Now use calendar to 2030 and then only to be readable in the book instead of a period lasting 100 years. Any anticipated event is the first reason for any action. Recall, for a sensational story with Y2K, when it was assumed that the era of computerization will lead to a world cataclysm, how many movies have been devoted to this subject, and how much money is spent and earned, on uncertainty. Thus, this date is uncertain. And this issue has brought the film in 2012 box office of $ 900 million dollars for 3 weeks rental. the world's largest corporations use the services of feng shui predictions and see the link on the first page of the site Joy Yap – certainly, the filmmakers consulted with predictors of what events are possible on the basis of information built plot of the film. A recent "epidemic" of influenza A1 … against which our government was going to "throw" one billion hryvnia?


Maybe this will be the best logic. The first – the fears, anxiety, uncertainty about the future. You know, in every case, especially in our wonderful country – Belarus and Russia, when it's an alarming thought – and what will happen tomorrow? This is especially felt in including addiction, even morally, on the external circumstances – government, bosses and the like. Now I somehow purple, who are in power there. I have not pulled all sorts of rumors, gossip, and newspaper horrors. I'm not sure that everything will be fine. I just know it. Speaking in relation to the film – it gave me such techniques as "negative control" and "Positive programming".

You know, here's an example. It turns out my ads. Calls is not enough. Manager is usual in such cases begins to lament that all bad. And if I think that everything is bad, then so be it. And technology allows me to not fall into these meditative razmyshlizmy. And everything is so right. The question arises, is quite natural.

What the movie controller does not watching? Was not looking. A man in a respectable age, their principles. Salary gets regularly. And so, in principle, satisfied. Well, lament … He has such a nature. The second – the accomplishment of his plans. In fact, earlier it was a problem. Now – No. If the decision is the first problem – the foundation, the second – is already building. I made some plans to life. Good, no doubt. But how often it is a fortune-telling and probabilistic nature! Like "things will work out if ….

Artistic Forging

Art forging – is an art that has passed through the centuries. Use in any design of forged products allows us to emphasize the excellent taste and style of the owner. No way that does not help to decorate your home or garden as art forging. Intricate details of the elements attached to the interior of forging truly unique style. Wrought Iron creates an old-time classic in the house, emphasize individuality, originality and sophistication of subjects interior. Performed in a variety of artistic styles, forged products fit perfectly into any interior design or home site. Blacksmith has been known since ancient times. Today, thanks to the purchase of many centuries of experience, master blacksmith is made of metal works of art.

Among the forged products can be found forged fences, window grills, wrought iron gates, garden gates, as well as wrought-iron furniture, fireplaces and many other articles and items. Forged products are produced by hot and cold forging. In modern use of forged high-performance equipment: automatic anvil, welding and machine sweep, which allows a short period of time sufficient to produce large amounts of forged parts and components. This makes it more accessible forged a broad range of consumers. The high performance of modern equipment allows high-quality and in a short time to produce large amounts of forged products, making the price of the product available.

In the manufacture of forged products, a special technology of hardening of the metal. It makes them more resistant to weathering than conventional metallic material. Every day, the popularity of art forging ever-increasing. The popularity of the forging is greatly influenced by mass modern technology, because it is able to give artistic forging architecture houses a unique image of antiquity. Probably not that it's not able to decorate the facade of a wrought-iron balconies on the elements and wrought iron canopies. The use of design elements creates forged a unique image of the magnificent Middle Ages. A wrought iron railing on the stairs make the interior home truly aristocratic.