Structures to create an own product will see first how to create a text file. If we just started us it is recommended to create an ebook, in the future, when we acquire more fluency will create audios and videos. 1. In text structure of these 4 steps in short book are those that sit on the structuring of any content. It must be respected in each chapter of the book. Not everyone has the same tastes for information and we must adapt our product to suit all tastes. Some want something more theoretical, other more practical. Why? In the first sections talk about the why? Why it is important to read this book or this chapter what? In the following sections we will discuss what? That is what you’ll learn in the book How? In the later say the as there are people that you aren’t interested in theories and want to know directly how to give examples and finally we will try to give examples at each point here will give examples on what is taught in the book.

Experience information Staff talk about personal experiences and not quote other authors because supposedly we are experts in the subject. The information should be more specific to what you want to teach and not make it too academic. We consider the lessons learned personally. The points most important to highlight and which will give you the most benefit. Traditional research search courses in written books but without copy information but give our own personality.

This single content must be to endorse what is given as personal information. Content the content of the book must have all promised in sale and not to disappoint the customer. We can book content related to what is published and that we can expand or spend on a new product. Example, if we make a product on healthy life can devote a section to a diet and then in another new book containing part of the previous content spend one much higher percentage than diets with recipes and tips.