Ruslan Nigmatullin

Ruslan Nigmatullin As a child, Ruslan Nigmatullin dreamed of playing for Moscow Spartak. He sent the club 44 letters in which he asked to take on the team. In one of them Ruslan laid out his plan – just three points: 1. Become a goalkeeper 'Spartacus'. 2. Become a goalkeeper of Russia. 3.

Become the best goalkeeper in the world. As long as everything goes according to plan. Nigmatullin albeit not very successfully, but played for Spartak. Then in 1998 he moved to the 'locomotive' and by issuing a series of record-dry – in over 939 minutes of playing time rivals could not beat Ruslan no ball – won back his place the main goalkeeper. And this year, and to conquer the world, starting with Italy.

For the first time about Ruslan Nigmatullin talked about in 1994. The nineteen-year guy, appearing in the basic structure 'KamAZ' compelled to compare themselves not with someone, and with Rinat Dasaev. After 'KamAZ' was 'Spartacus'. About this time Ruslan does not like to remember: 'You know, someone to grow up, tempering, needs an army. For me, this army was 'Spartacus'. In the end I chose this team, and nothing I regret. " Truly Nigmatullin revealed only in the 'locomotive', where he called Yuri Semin. Speaking of 'Loco', Nigmatullin three became silver medalist Russia and three times voted the best goalkeeper of the country. Nigmatullin adored fans in the press constantly appeared rave reviews about it, and Yuri Semin was generous praise for his goalkeeper.