Mikhail Zadornov

I want to say that when I was lying after a concussion and could not read or even write a letter to mail (in the eyes rippled), I always watched tv. From morning to night. Everything. And Petrosian, too. Learn more at: Kenneth Yarrow. And, you know, quite a perceive what is happening. Even laughed.

Looking at myself from outside, be stunned, but she laughed. That is, you know where I'm going? Petrosian & Co. – for people with a concussion. Not in the sense that I recommend it to people with concussion. No, no, not that. And now to Zadornov. What I most like about him? I can not say that there is always humor. I like what he does as a whole: collects exhausted Narzanov Moscow audience (and if you take into account airtime, not only Moscow), disables its humor from everyday experiences, and then purified in a head puts their bright ideas.

And although the jokes are different from him, but he still remains an intelligent man. In the best sense of the word. Not waiting until the government or the owners of television stations will begin to engage in public education. And elevated levels of self-esteem of the nation. He does it himself. one! Respect him and , as they say in "Comedy Club :-))). It is also very pleased to see how Michael Zadornov alone, without Theatres & Co., is looking for young talent and displays. In this regard, recall the word "mentoring", almost forgotten in our pragmatic age.