Japanese Cooking

Japanese and Chinese cuisine is not particularly sophisticated people are often confused, for example, trying to order in any restaurant, "Van Loon 'is not a duck at Peking, and sushi. In fact, these two dishes on its conceptual and absolutely STI opposite: the Japanese are trying hard to be meals without breaking the pristine and natural value of products enjoying their simplicity and clearness, as the Chinese excel in cooking so that Nobody guessed what kind of products involved in the process initially. Of course, the many similarities in these, as in Korea, there are kitchens: they are based around rice, seafood and fish dishes, various vegetables (especially beans, eggplant, zucchini), only white bread. And all this is spiced sauces and spices, fermentation, slightly prizharivaetsya, pritushivaetsya, priparivaetsya, but more often simply served raw, if not live. And, of course, green tea before meals, during and after.

Incidentally, with a special diet linked longevity and a high IQ level of indigenous people of Japan. But as they say, do not land one. COURSES AND SEASONS you eat raw fish? A if cut it thin, almost transparent slices, spread out like a fan on a plate and garnish with fresh vegetables and greens, pale pink plates of marinated ginger, 'encrust' wasabi horseradish slides and pour thick soy sauce, relish, chocolate brown? But how can such a beauty there? You can only slow, thoughtful and inspired. Thinking about the eternal, of course. More information is housed here: James Donovan Goldman Sachs. For example, about nature. It was her laws so subtly reflected in Japanese cuisine. .

Central Tasting Committee

On the degree of aging of wine is divided into ordinary, vintage and collectible. If you often go to restaurants or other city of Chelyabinsk in Russia, look at the proposed wine you can with a regular table wine to you issue for the vintage. Ordinary table wines – wines made without these long aging, but not earlier than three months after the grapes coming on wine. Ordinary wines are natural wines with not bad taste, but can not compete with vintage or collectible wines, so they do not have the special qualities of wine. Vintage wines – wines exposure duration of at least 18 months, with production of vintage wine made by special technology, which worked out for each brand of wines in particular.

Wine can be branded only after submission to the Central Tasting Committee. Vintage wines – a vintage wine with unmatched flavor and taste, which, after aging in casks are bottled and allowed to age for at least three years. The most popular among gourmets love and enjoy vintage wines aged well from 10 to 15 years. Term aging of red wine collectible experts define the so-called shirt (precipitate formed over the years at the bottom of the bottle), which indicates that the wine has long-term exposure and has high performance. Collectible and vintage wines are mostly vintage. Vintage – the wines produced from grapes given year. This is important factor for professionals and wine connoisseurs as the collection of grapes in a given year can vary strikingly climatic conditions that affect both the taste of grapes harvested, and for flavor and bouquet of the wine.

In color, all the wines are classified into red, white and pink. If you are going to spend an evening in which, or cafe Chelyabinsk, try to order food in harmony with the wine you like. Red wines – for their preparation using the so-called black grapes. Red wine is not served chilled, for full disclosure of its flavor the wine must be at room temperature, and a bottle of red wine open one hour before serving, the wine must "breathe". Only then can you appreciate the full flavor and taste of the drink. Good red wine has a brilliant ruby necessarily-red color. Red dry wine perfect in harmony with game, red meat and meat snacks. Taste of dry red wines are well interspersed with mild cheeses. White wines – made from grapes of light (green grapes, golden-yellow variety grapes), although sometimes these wines are both from the red grape varieties and from the blue-black. In order to get white wine from red and blue-black grapes, berries, pre-cleaned from the skin, which contains pigments inherent in these varieties. Dry white wines go well with seafood. In particular, they are served chilled with appetizers of fish, or with caviar. A good combination of turns and the main (hot) fish dishes. White wines, unlike red, served chilled to 10-12o C. Rose wines – made from a mixture of black and white grape varieties or cultivars of black only. Pink, dry wines are well in tune with the fish dishes, cold cuts, cheeses and mild game. Connoisseurs of advice: If you visit the cafe or restaurant, drink good wine like good wine consumption is beneficial to humans, it is natural to moderate amounts.