Mission Obama

Is that the leftists are very brave and United against its allies in right, but when it comes to overthrow one of its ideology sprout protective euphemisms of dictatorships Mission in Libya was overthrow Gadhafi and promote Islamist democracy. Absurd political contradiction and blatant lie. Where Islam dominates, there must be democracy. Both are mutually exclusive. Baboso Jimmy Carter visited Cuba to corroborate his affection to Los Castro. The brothers proposing reforms, ratified in power with the support of his party and as well as that pair of criminals remained in Government for half a century, the same thing can happen with Gaddafi, while Washington does not run decisive actions.

The Latin American leftist dictatorships impudence isn’t different to Muammar Gadafi, Bashar Al-Assad or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, why it is dangerous that Obama is the leader of the free world and to become President again. The damage caused by Carter when he ruled, was the spark that encouraged totalitarian leftism of style Chavez y Cia. Mr. Obama disappeared from the map of the Middle East and began his reelectoral two years in advance, so that each public presentation is an act of campaign, as if we had little of that. Surprisingly, to avoid discomforts to the Nobel Prize in peace, NATO and the United States are willing to find a peaceful solution to the Libyans. Called it with astonishing originality: Roadmap. What in political terms means that Gaddafi may be ruling the time which gives it pleases, while it does not attack his opponents and they provide oil.

NATO is supposed some of the intellectual cream of the Warrior world, loaded with jackets full of enceguecedoras medals. However it seems that wherever the military make political decisions, they are wrong. And when politicians make military decisions more or less the same thing happens. Trying to overthrow a Government by air, without annihilating the population of the place, is among the most spectacular imbecilidades of history. Another example of the lack of discretion of the resident in the White House and his obedient generals. The ideological coincidence of Obama with Gaddafi, they make the American do not want to act forcefully and that position has been infected Europeans waiting for American leadership to launch into the war, which in any way is inevitable. It doesn’t matter if you pass one or 10 years. The Muslims and the West will find on the battlefield. The issue is that Gaddafi remains in the Government. His son tried to make power. (Go to know how to walk the family relationship). Incompetent and costly NATO is not capable of making decisions. Obama suffers the pain of Gaddafi, because he would also stay 40 years more on Pennsylvania Avenue. All these well-paid bureaucrats do nothing conclusive and hide behind is one behind the other, waiting for the leader of the free world to make a decision, which was taken the first day in which the conflict emerged.

European Crisis

The European Union is in crisis following the referendum in one of its least populated and Central members rejected his new (the Lisbon Treaty). For the Sun, the best-selling English-language newspaper, the Irish No should serve for the British Conservatives, that now duplicate the ruling labour in the polls, pressed to ensure that United Kingdom approved a referendum to repudiate such a Pact. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Sen. Sherrod Brown. The not not only is driven by right-wing nationalist or anti-abortion but by leftists who oppose certain social benefits cut or Democrats who question the fact that the President of the EU will not be directly elected by voters. However, all 27 EU governments endorse the Treaty and want it to be ratified in 26 of these to compel that recoils Ireland. In recent months, Connecticut Senator has been very successful. When in 2001 an Irish referendum rejected the Nice Treaty the EU persuaded this island to ratify this Pact in another query on the grounds that in the single first voted 35% of those enrolled.

More, the current referendum has more legitimacy because There they covered 53% of the Irish. Other options would be to maintain the status quo seeking to go gradually passing some reforms by consensus. However, the core countries of the EU do not want to stop the March and could agree to reach different levels of unity within the EU or to seek to relegate to Ireland within the EU as a special semi-miembro.

European Condition

Latin America, which extends between the banks of the Rio Grande, in the North, and the Tierra del Fuego, in the South, with its Caribbean and Central American world included, in its most diverse forms denominatorias, such as South America, whether under a geographical character, Patria Grande, if addressed to the common historical approach, and up to as backyard, if derogatory ethnocentric are going to sources; trembles today to the fullest with the chapter on the coup in Honduras, the third most impoverished country in the Western subhemisferio, as it has given him by calling to this corner of the Earth to the American taste in their eagerness to geopolitical feel apartheid and more identified with the European region. Who would run it to think, given that the logic invites us to consider these shudders as more probable if they proceed from disturbances in large countries, such as Brazil, or extremely important geostrategic, as Venezuela? But no, you see it: the cabuya continues popping by the slimmer, to use a saying of the homeland of Bolivar; or, to put it with an air of revolutionary Stampede on the ranks of the political right, the continent shivers by Honduran butterfly effect. Yes indeed, Honduras, country whose trade balance casts a negative balance of nearly four billion dollars a year, whose exports by 67.2% have as destinations the USA and their emigrants remittances constitute 30% of the income of foreign currency, in addition to being affected by almost 30% of desempleo. four or five families, together with transnational corporationsthey are masters of most of the lands. It is also a territory of American military bases. In mode one is disparaging to consider so poor country as the bearer of such significant effects, as if by poor condition did not have a specific weight on the plank of human passions. On the contrary, from the standpoint of being the country most straitjacketed by the Northern imperial claw, with all its capitalist and neoliberal, anchor allows us to say, first, that does not exist under such condition prosperous country or sovereign in the world and, second, that precisely for the same condition is extremely significant to feel it is symptomatic (in their mess) that the political right does suffer crisis of values and reacts at your leisure in the country’s rampant say so-projecting the dream reactive of all (extreme) political rights worldwide towards the continent.