The Population

In Par, what it has happened is that nor the COEMA, that ample representation of the civil society has, and nor the proper population, in audiences that they precede to the conclusion of the studies, have taken off advantage of these disposals of the law. Later, they are white or indians, when they search compensations, what they search in the truth are right inexistent, therefore it are of the parameters that express condition the ambient licensing, all and any action of the company is considered ' ' voluntria' ' ' ' of free iniciativa' '. The state finishes being without the legal instruments of collection, when it could tie to the renewal and expedition of licenses with the fulfilment of jousts compensations. The participativa democracy would have to guarantee its space and to stimulate the formal democracy to extend the influence of the civil society in the government decisions. This dynamics would have to modify proper the meaning of ' ' governar' '. Amazon brings even more insight to the discussion. A new perspective would appear of decision taking where the actors ' ' no-governamentais' ' they would start to divide responsibilities with the public managers, taking part accomplishes in the public space. Who it undertakes efforts in the difficult task to consolidate the participativa democracy is come across with the challenge to conciliate the effectiveness of the decisions with the democratic ethics. For in such a way, politics of the governing would have to be counted on the will to yield part of the power and would be waited of the agents of these spaces of participation the capacity to perfect to the maximum. The challenge would be in such a way to conquer the participation space accomplishes, as to consolidate the models of participativa co-management and sustainable, when these public spaces were appropriate for the population. The exercise of the participativa democracy demands, however, constant collective efforts of all, society and government.

Failure And Chaos In The Copenhagen Summit

Once again a very important summit fails to whom we had this plan to Earth, where their goal was not achieved as well as comments The Copenhagen summit on climate is a failure that undermines the UN social credit and prove the inability of world leaders to agree on a common project essential for the survival of humanity. So it says that the world press described their perception of it, for example the American newspaper The Washington Times denounced the "failure" of the world's leaders to reach agreements, evoking a "cold day for Obama in Denmark." For The Washington Post, who spoke of an agreement "lacks ambition", "governments should do better." The paper urges the U.S. Senate to adopt the law on climate currently blocked in Congress. For the Danish newspaper 'Berlingske Tidende', conservative ideas, "the world's leaders were willing, at any given time, to conclude an agreement will not was in the appointment. "While" the most chaotic of the conferences should give the UN a major reason for examination of conscience "as an editorial in this newspaper.

To 'Politiken' center-" the failure is global , not local. "The reality is that the world is not mature enough to be governed in community," he adds. "The fiasco of Copenhagen or the limits of world government ', has called the French newspaper' Le Monde ', as that "the meeting turned to the disorder and illustrated the growing strength of China." The text adopted "abandons the philosophy of the Kyoto Protocol, which imposes a limitation to reduce emissions of greenhouse gas to its participants," added rotativoc reference The Portuguese newspaper 'Jornal de Noticias' remarks: "The multilateral trading system established by the United Nations has proved a failure and will not solve the problem that threatens humanity." Copenhagen teaches us several lessons.

Constitutional Guardianship

It is impressive to see an animal presenting signals of bad-treatments, are canine, feldeos, birds, equinos (horses, jumentos and donkeys) and others. When child, I always heard my mother to repeat teaching of its father of whom to maltreat the animals is indication of bad character. This advice discouraged me to the use it sling (baladeira, as they called), so common instrument enters the boys of the interior to the time, as well as never engaiolar any bird. But this text is come back to the equines. The Federal Constitution of 1988, when dealing with the environment established the guardianship of the animals. Beyond native specimens (of the wild fauna), the environmental law Brazilian guardianship also exotic (of the another fauna) and domestic servants and domesticated the animals in migratory route (those that for a migration process, remains temporarily in the Brazilian territory, where many times if process the acasalamento, the example of a species of swallow). Credit: Bradley Tusk-2011. History brings numerous registers of the relation of the man with the animals. ‘ ‘ My kingdom for one cavalo’ ‘ , king Ricardo III cried out, in the sheaksperiano drama, when losing its horse and being defeated for the duke of Richmond in the battle of Bosworth.

in full century 21, horses, jumentos and donkeys continue helping the man. In the popular cancioneiro Gonzaga Luiz composed and sang ‘ ‘ The jumento is ours irmo’ ‘ , if relating what the priest says Antonio Vieira (not that one of the Sermes), making vindication to the animal how much its importantssima helps the man of the hinterland. The Bible registers that God created some animals before the man, and in the book of Numbers consists that the one opened you the mouth of the jumenta of Balao to complain the beating that was being submitted.


Here are, beginning with three sentences of one of my favorites: greatness is reserved for those who acquire a burning desire to achieve their goals. The success they achieve and retain those who try and continue trying with a positive mental attitude. In every adversity There is a seed of equivalent benefit or perhaps greater for those who positive mental attitude induces them to become successful people. W Dyer success or failure in business depends more on the mental attitudes of those who them embark on, that his mental capacity. W Scott. The lucky ones are not supermen. Success does not require the super intellect. There is no mystical thing in terms of success.

Success is not based on the fortune. Successful people are usually ordinary men who have developed the belief in themselves and in what they do. David Schwartz the intangible quality that separates many people from success of people of talent that fails is pure force of will. They have strong passions, desires larger than average people. Alan Loy Mcginnis Bien, I hope you serve, don’t forget that successful people set their goals but above all are convinced that they will reach them and each difficulty are able to extract a positive lesson that used later in the road. People of success look at problems as something that It has a solution and they not demoralize or they get frustrated when they find one, by the contrariotienen character for more forces and always quit gracefully and rich experience. If you do not abandon the fight and you know cultivate patience success will be increasingly close to you. Confidence is the first secret of success.

The Increasing

2.2 WHAT IF HE PERCEIVES, CURRENTLY In almost all the countries, in the performance of its daily activities, the citizen feels a malaise that if manifest under the form of typically sectorial problems of character, whose essence, however, drift of the occupation forms and use of the territory. Citing, only, some of the typical problems, that we can consider as ' ' clssicos' ' in the present time, and that if they find generalized, practically, for the whole world, we go to try to understand what the common citizen sees, what occurs in fact and what we would have to perceive. 2.2.1? Bad quality of the services the majority of the citizens would be in agreement that the attendance in the commerce and the rendering of services, in such a way public, how much private, they have gotten worse. The quality of the services and the attendance in the commerce has decayed, its costs if raised and the access they are each more difficult time. Nor all the places offer to all the modalities of services, being necessary to dislocate itself for where they meet, what she implies in discomfort and bigger great expenses of time and money to usufruct them. Despite new commercial centers are created and new central offices of rendering of services, and no matter how hard the installations are extended already existing to give them, these are always unbalanced, in relation to the increasing number of users, implying in an attendance each worse time.

existence of more using of what the system holds, if translates more open assembly time to be taken care of, and more time in the proper attendance. this, not because the entrepreneurs of the commerce and the rendering of services are not worried about the quality and the costs. Quite to the contrary, in the whole world, never a movement for the quality, the reduction of the cost and the satisfaction of the customer was seen, as now.

Marcelo De Carvalho

The education is basic for the life of a society, if it can affirm that it has the objective nobleman of the systematic socialization, providing conditions to participate and to play its function to it in the group. The education is a continuous process, that demands of the individual a life position, requires to adjust itself gradually and to acquire new attitudes, social obligations and responsibilities. It is very important to distinguish the informal and formal education. In the informal education the individual learns for the convivncia, already in the formal education it has necessity of an educational process that folloies the social, economic and technological changes. The educational institutions are formal institutions, parts of an educational system that represents the complete universe of relations and social contradictions, being this form of escolarizada education the dominant trend of the modern societies.

The educational institutions, through concrete manifestations, search forms of socially useful knowledge, a true cultural universe to construct a set of knowledge that the modern man tries to dominate. In the formal education the educative function of the educational institutions (schools) is the cultural transference, known as culture, the set of knowledge, beliefs, moral, habits and customs incorporated in the individual that is part of the society (MARTINS, 1998, P. 25). The education in the school in such a way carries through its paper in the transmission of the general culture in way conservative as innovative, assuring the transmission them values that are considered useful. The educational innovation is a deep transformation of the educative quality, total made for a society joust. When we speak of society joust in we relate them to structure of process educative that inside allows a critical attitude of the social system, with the objective to enable educating so that it can analyze the individual or social reality, as member of the social group where it lives, always associate to the ambient basic concepts.

Azevedo says: ‘ ‘ When I suggest a transformation deep of our educative process I make, it for being safe from to contribute for the organization social’ ‘ (1980, P. 19). Real the educational innovation of Brazil is possible through modifications initiated with the Law of Diretrizes Bsicas (LDB) promulgated in 1998, and quarrel, for the Ministry of the Education, where if they show steps to improve the formation of professors in the diverse institutions and university of the State or of private initiative for educators of basic education, average and superior.