Quickly Learn English

Quickly learn the English language – fantasy or reality of the present day? How quickly learn English? Is it possible to master English in a short time? Is it possible to quickly learn English? Everyone is able to quickly learn English? Many of us would like to learn English in a short time, but I think that it's almost unreal. But without the English language today, modern man is simply not enough. But everyone remembers their school years, when a number of years to learn English, and the result of this was almost zero. And so it seems that to learn English quickly is nearly impossible. At the same time quite often see people who went abroad and successfully work or learn, quick to learn English, were able to overcome the language barrier, successfully communicate in a global network in English, are business negotiations. Is it possible to learn English language in a short time period? How quickly learn English? Whether, and how quickly learn English in a state of each person? That is embedded in the concept of "fast to learn English? When we say "learn", it does not mean to master all the grammatical and stylistic nuances of English. Official site: Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. To understand the subtleties and nuances can be to infinity.

Even the native language, not all of us speak in such a high level. Someone lexicon bednovat, someone can not write correctly, or build a grammatically correct sentence is confused in constructing complicated sentences, figures of speech. What can we say about a foreign language.

National Lines

In 1996, although to have last a good time, FHC, it promulgated the LDB that also came with advances in the national education. The changes had been significant, therefore, the schools would have to reorganize, to create its pedagogical and curricular proposals. As in 1997 already he was managing of school public, I remember that we start to debate our first PPP and, our jump was significant, therefore changes d had occurred inside the school, also how much the question of the resume, therefore we start to understand that without the efetivao of these elements the t Currently I perceive that the generation new than adentra to the teaching, needs to have a little more than knowledge of the fight that was necessary for terms a public school as today. Clearly that she is not perfect, exists enormous problems and doubts to be decided, but, in we have of curricular democracy, pedagogical proposal, questions and conscience that the education is an important element in the construction and construction of better Brazil, this nobody has doubts. I perceive that we have a great concern with the solidification of the resume, as much in our school where I am manager, as in the municipal net of education that I am part and, also with the National Curricular Lines of direction, case of the Infantile Education and the PCN that give in them north and lines of direction for our education.

Obviously that if it must be intent to the new Laws and orientaes determined for the MEC, these must be led in consideration so that the education always has a good route. As we are members of the municipal net, we have in the Municipal Management of Education, the coordinators for area, together with professors of the areas you specify that they act with the professors in its classroom; together they construct the general lines of direction, by means of summaries, as well as of the construction of planejamentos so that the pupils have necessary knowledge e, thus, they are not outside of what the necessary Brazilian student to know – to reflect and to have conditions to act next to the way that coexists. It would like to argue regarding the area that I am formed: History. The form is fantastic as the new curricular conception sees ' ' historia' ' , considering one ' novo' study of the history and the professors of the Municipal School Councilman Odrcio Nunes de Matos, where we are manager, already had adhered this new conception and, our alunado started to like history more than. This is the reality of others disciplines. Therefore, in the Odrcio School a work exists all to not only value the National Lines of direction of the Basic Education, but, above all, to make with that the pupil has more knowledge from them. Perfection does not exist, still we have professors that they are not compromised and that little attention if of to the resume, this is another great challenge while manager of our public school. The important one is that we are walking so that the pupil can really have a quality education and likes the school that he frequents. Thus, to be very evident that the National Curricular Lines of direction for the Basic Education, gain each time more sustentation and, studies as of the School of Managers, contribute still more to alavancar the Education of Brazil.

Possibilities Colleagues

In the regular classroom where it has inclusion, it can – to meet one more educating or than possesss high abilities, that is, a bigger capacity in the acquisition of one or some areas of the knowledge. It would be of utmost importncia the application of playful activities in this context integrator. According to Brando (2004), ' ' through the ludicidade the child learns to coexist and to know ' '. Concordantly, the playful activities propitiate moments of well-being, pleasure and diversion, but in the regular classroom it can mean inclusion. Connecticut Senator helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. This why when inserted being in full way in the activity, educating will be able: to start to know its colleagues better; more will go to feel itself the will; it will respect its colleagues, generating the union in the room and lesson. Thinking about the pupils with superendowment, playful games will facilitate the integration of these, since, in some cases, they present difficulties of relationships and concentration. Educative games as, game of the memory and crossed words, they will make possible, of relaxed form, the development and aptitude of the pupils with high abilities. in intention to narrow the relations in the classroom, without forgetting it improvement the superendowment, would be notable the participation of the adept pupils as monitorial in way to assist the educator and to help its colleagues it in the resolution of the pedagogical activities. If you are not convinced, visit Congressman Lee Zeldin. To apprehend knowledge involving the ludicidade in an inclusive room will be able to cause harmony, relationships pacific, respect between the pupils and enrichment of the abilities of the enclosed pupils

General Education Law

Among the actions developed by the education sector in search of improving the quality of education and meet the objectives of the law include those aimed at Production by the Ministry of Education Core Curriculum Guidelines at the national, general and study areas and the definition of performance indicators, in the process of curricular flexibility and autonomy emanating from the General Education Law and the design standards. The general guidelines for a theoretical underpinning in front of the integral human development, the guidelines propose area-disciplinary approach, processes inherent basic content and skills development. Curricular achievement indicators, such as signals, tracks, evidence of the ways that evolving human development processes driven by education, are descriptions of performances that allow the inference of competence, since they are not directly observable and quality standards as a way of trying to maintain a minimum level of quality at national level. Within these approaches the objectives of education in Colombia is that it gives the debate about evaluation should match what you are looking to achieve with the student. Since the law, the concept of evaluation has expanded, with different connotations, not only applied to students but conceptualized as the process by which seeks to ensure quality, compliance with the purposes and by improving intellectual, moral and physical learners. The Ministry of Education in its final document and scope of Decree 0230 of 2002 states that assessment means being able to judge a particular case, after an investigation process that gives elements to this issue at trial and the faculty of understanding, whereby man can distinguish right from wrong and truth from falsehood.

Politician Rotation

Project Pedagogical Politician: a project and two proposals curricular In the School, the Project Pedagogical Politician is the way of if to materialize the reality to be worked, in order to become an efficient form, must be constructed and be lived deeply by all the involved ones with the educative process of the school. The term Politician if of the one for articulating the commitment of the education to the interests of the community. Pedagogical for the educative actions, making possible the pertaining to school intention to the formation of the citizen. In the PPP of the School importance of the construction of a collective project is argued it. However, the form of act of contract of the State makes it difficult that some educators remain for a great period in this educational establishment for not being part of the Proper Picture of the Teaching. We can stand out that this ‘ ‘ rodzio’ ‘ of professors still it continues: The rotation of the educators and the precarizao of contracts. Many assume in fact the proposal and make to happen the education that is structuralized and constructed, leaving of the principles of the education of the field and of formation of the citizen Without Land, but this is not consensus between the educators (they idem, P.

14) In the proposal of the analyzed School can assure that the same one finds difficulties in constructing an education proposal that contemplates to the emancipation human being. This rule if shows a problematic one, therefore the rotation of the educators does not allow the continuity of the process of construction of the PPP. In the analyzed document, we see clearly the concern with the rotation of the educators. How to guarantee the participation of all? How to carry through the project pedagogical politician? How to materialize resulted positive? All this problematic one generates dissatisfactions, a time that stops the ones that remains the year all again initiates many of the quarrels and for the news it is the imposition sensation.

Conference Deficiency

In the year of 1979, UNESCO congregated countries of Latin America, where projects with objective had been presented to define measured capable to fight the exclusion. In year of 1994, was carried through the Conference in Salamanca, Spain, with the presence of more than 300 representatives of 92 countries and 25 international organizations, with the focus to assure the education for all. In the occasion &#039 was signed; ' Declaration of Salamanca' ' , that it has an important landmark in the history of the educational inclusion. For even more details, read what Richard Blumenthal says on the issue. It consists in this declaration, principles of the politics and the practical one of the education for the people with necessities special. It is recommended that the schools make its adaptations in agreement the necessities of its pupils, independent of physical and social conditions Brazil, has if pledged in fulfilling to this commitment politician and placing it in practical, so waited success of this inclusion, it will happen from the moment where it will have respect on the part of the society, enxergando the child with intellectual deficiency as a human being, whom I possessed its limitations, but is equal a human being to any one being able to develop its capacities of learning of special form. The necessary school to be organized to guarantee that the pedagogical actions have resulted positive, in the learning of each pupil. The school could be considered inclusive when it will be organized to receive and to favor each child, independent of color, sex, age, etnia, deficiency or social condition, taking care of to each one in accordance with its necessities guaranteeing the quality of education. In the inclusive school, the cares with the child the educational actions are the main focus of all, guaranteeing that the child with intellectual deficiency can have conditions for the full exercise of the citizenship. ' ' All the children would have to learn meetings, independently of any difficulties or differences that can have.

Trade Unions

In 2005-2006. percentage of Internet users among the students and was already 45%. This age group is the most active of all. Therefore, many universities of St. Petersburg paid attention to the Internet, as a way of communication with applicants and students. Most important to the educational institution is to attract prospective students, so the first official website of the university shall contain an accurate and regularly updated information about faculties and courses, admission conditions, the cost of training. In addition, must maintain the image of the university.

On the site we need information about its history, teachers, training programs, the future prospects for students. Another important task of the official website of the university is to attract visitors. This may contribute to the availability of the latest news, tutorials, useful information, an active forum. If you would like to know more then you should visit Sen. Sherrod Brown. Consider a few sites in St. Petersburg high schools and try to determine how they cope with these problems. University of Trade Unions (gup.ru, non-government). Attendance, according to the rating Rambler's Top 100, 3740 visitors in 30 days. The basis of the emphasis placed on the website advertising to attract applicants.

At the same time most of student life a little information, there is a forum of educational materials. University of Technology and Design (sutd.ru, State). Attendance 2,205 visitors for 30 days. There is detailed information on the conditions of entrance, pre-university departments, as well as urban student labor exchange and training, located in the university. Have a student portal (sutd.org) with a forum for students and applicants, as well as with a renewable file archive. Attendance of this portal 4.844 visitors for 30 days, more than twice the attendance of the official website of the university. This suggests that, to attract a large number of regular users of the possibility of communication is necessary. Applicants receive information from students, for them it is more important than dry out the facts. Institute of Economics and Finance (ief-spb.ru, non-government). Attendance of 2,459 visitors for 30 days. For applicants have data on the conditions of admission, tuition fees. The site is updated frequently, a lot of news about the social life of the university. For students can be helpful timetable and e-library, but there is no forum or guest book. Polytechnic University (spbstu.ru, State). A huge portal that contains lots of useful information. Have all the necessary information for applicants, article about the success of the University, vacancies for graduates. For students there is a student portal with forums, news, educational material, and photographs. Students have the opportunity to communicate on any topic, so they visit the forum again and again. In addition, many students are involved in creating and developing the portal. This site is probably the best all of the above performs all functions: maintaining their own high status, attracting applicants, as well as useful and interesting for students. After analyzing several websites, one can say that private universities have focused on advertising and the attractiveness to applicants and state – the utility to students. And only a few skillfully perform both tasks by using the site as a serious marketing tool.

Writing Japanese

Japanese words used to display characters. Hieroglyphs can be of two kinds: kanji (Chinese characters) and Kana – a system of syllabic characters – each character indicates a syllable words. When writing the Japanese have traditionally cause the text vertically. They begin to write at the top right corner and driving the line down. Now came another style, similar to how they write in all European languages – a line starts at the top left corner and the text written horizontally, left to right. To broaden your perception, visit Ohio Senator. Historically, that first appeared in Japanese writing system of kanji came from China around the fifth century. This system is very complex due to the large the number of characters, each of which anything stands in contrast to letters of phonetic writing. Until 1946 kanji characters were so many, he was this year the Japanese government has restricted them to 1850 pieces (breathtaking number for the Europeans)! Then in 1981 it was increased to 1945 pieces and became known as the list of kanji – kanji for everyday use.

This list is being studied in primary and secondary school, and this list used in the media. In addition, the kanji characters that much, they also have at least two options for reading: Japanese and at least one Chinese. Richard Blumenthal addresses the importance of the matter here. And if the character got to Japan a few times – at different times or from different Chinese dialects, the options for reading it will have a few. Example. Japanese character kanji that indicates the go can have three options for reading Chinese! The second writing system – cannabis, has been created Japanese for about ten centuries ago. In it, each character defined style and displayed a sound that has no independent meaning (as opposed to kanji characters). That is, are very close to the phonetic European letter.

But even here the Japanese decided to complicate his life. They have gradually developed two species overlap, syllabic characters – hiragana and katakana. Duplicate – this means that the same sound, depending on the type, may displayed differently. However, hiragana and katakana find their individual niche in the Japanese language. Hirgana mainly used in conjunction with the system of kanji kanji. Kanji kanji designate the continued portion of the word (the root), and hieroglyph hirgana record finished, for example to indicate the tense of the verb. Katakana is used to display the words taken from Western languages: English, German, French, Russian, etc. And all of it: kanji hirhana and katakana often coexist in the same sentence! But that's not all! In addition to these types of writing in Japanese and Latin letters are used – to refer to organizations: Sony, Lexus, Toyota, Honda, etc. Truth used this pragmatic acceptance by the Japanese in the event that the names of organizations are used in advertising. And of course you can not say about the popular Japanese art of calligraphy, the sources also departing to China. As there, the art is beautiful draw characters very much appreciated in the country of the Rising Sun.


The playful activities make possible incorporation of values, cultural development, assimilation of new knowledge, development of the sociability and the creativity. For intermediary of the playful one, the child finds the balance between the Real and the imaginary one, offers the chance of development in pleasant way. To play is a creative act. When listening looks at itself for the child its reasonings, or observes its behaviors, if she can notice that all its life is illuminated by the playful one. 2.3 Methodology of research.

For the accomplishment of this work I used the qualitative boarding, of descriptive form, giving to emphasis to the studies of the social phenomena, already the research, under the procedural perspective will consist in a case study where both the involved ones in the research will be searching the understanding of what it is happening in one I specify surrounding. I used interviews and comments, where the related interviews half-had been structuralized, that they could be modified and be adjusted to the reality of where it will be if materialize the research, already the comments had been directed/systematic, therefore they had as base a preset script, that could come to be adjusted and/or to be extended in elapsing of the same ones. According to Szymanski, reflexiva interview is: ' ' (…) a situation of intersubjetivas exchanges (…) what it characterizes this type of interview is the disposal of the researcher continuously to share its understanding with of the data with participante.' ' (2004, p.7). Carried through the interviews and the comments leaving of the collected and analyzed data, I think, thus to be contributing with information and clarifications on the subject, going beyond the academic universe. Being thus, all the process of development of the research if gave with the participation of all, and in all the moments, of the initial stage until the final stage.


The people if appropriate of the language since infancy and of this form they become related. Following this boarding, the child when learning the said language, already verbalizada, the thought becomes susceptible the repetition and the analysis and at the same time launching hand of its intellectual constructions, says intelectualizada it. The learning is the conversion between stimulaton and reply in the same axle of the knowledge. It requires deliberate effort of the apprentice. The professor uses its previous knowledge so that the pupil develops its abilities and consequentemente he acquires new abilities. In a piagetiana boarding, he understands – that the process of learning if of in accordance with the periods of training of the development. He treats yourself to find the break-even point between the assimilation and room.

As Piaget (1975) claims: That all project of assimilation tends to feed itself, that is, to incorporate elements that it are exterior and compatible with its nature. also claims that all project of assimilation is obliged if to accomodate to the elements that assimilate, that is, if to modify in function of its particularitities, but, without with this, to lose its continuity (therefore, its closing while cycle of interdependent processes), nor its previous powers of assimilation. (PIAGET, 1975, P. 14) Complementing this boarding, Pan (1985, p.23) affirms that: ' ' the learning is the result of the joint of internal and external factors of the proper citizen, the organism, the desire to learn, the cognitivas structures and the behavior in general ' '. Still according to Pan (1985), learning possesss some contradictory functions, amongst them is distinguished it socializadora, repressora function and the transforming function. In the socializadora function: the school works inside of a social project, where the human being acts so that this is integrated in its environment. That is, to live in society, being learned to know and to coexist new cultures, to also acquire new knowledge and the convivncia with the other of a natural form followed by behavior rules, in accordance with its right-handers and duties.