In Brazil

With the intention of exemplificar, the excluded ones socially are cited, between as much others where the State looks for to equate the defense todasessas people in minimum conditions of survival worthy human being, searching comisto to eliminate the serious problem of the social exclusion. Being thus, exigidonenhum is not type of contribution, becoming the dependent citizen of the State. Assistencial Estetrabalho is materialize by means of sectorial politics would emparceria with entities of social assistance that give attendance aosbeneficirios of the system, without lucrative purpose. 3BREVE HISTORICAL OF the SOCIAL WELFARE to arrive at the current period of training of the social welfare nopas, Brazil covered a long way. Although its well-known diferenaeconmico-social and financial one, in comparison with the countries of first world, oBrasil obtained to follow the great world-wide previdencirio movement. Surpassing the expectations of most pessimistic, it developed a rich legadonormativo, becoming reference for the history of the providence in the world, thus giving, a valuable contribution in the context of the previdencirio right.

Peculiar and typical fact of the Brazilian previdencirio regimen ede some few countries is the existence of the retirement for service time. Amaioria of the countries grants only retirements for age and invalidity, sendoque, in general, the beneficiary of the retirement cannot exert nenhumaatividade in the work market. 8 Although the Brazilian previdencirio process to possess umagrande wealth in its conceptions and accomplishments, unhappyly it not obedeceua a project commanded in its evolution. Before, if it contaminated with interfernciaspolticas, over all at the beginning of the century, when the decisions in the previdnciasocial still they possuam a much more sectorial character of what social. In Brazil, its constitutions had always disciplined regrasreferentes to the Social security and the Social welfare. In the Constitution of 1824, its article 179, interpolated proposition XXXI, express the forecast of guarantee of the socorrospblicos for the Imperial Letter, being this the first step for the construction of the Brazilian proteosocial.

Central America

' ' They had said: if people to leave R$ 40 billion per year in the hand of the Squid, it go to gain the elections. Paulo Coelho understands that this is vital information. I earned. we go to gain another time. The not accepted people more would mesquinharia, not accepted more baixaria' ' , he said, alfinetando the opposition. For the data of the Farm, only with the recent programs of disinvesting of a charge of vehicles, household-electric of the white line and articles of the civil construction, the government already lost R$ 1,6 billion in collection. All the programs had been launched to dinamizar the economy. ' ' I lost R$ 40 billion with the end of the CPMF to take care of of health and vi nobody not to reduce 0.38% of the CPMF in prices of products.

People wanted to take doctor and dentist to take care of of the child in the school. If to leave R$ 40 billion in the hand of the Squid, it goes to gain the elections. I earned and we go to earn of new! ' ' , it said. It pointed out despite disinvestings of a charge for higher classrooms normally are not reverted in consumo.' ' Each Real that you of the one in the hand of a poor person it come back automatically toward commerce, for the consumption and goes to reactivate the economy. A Real for a thousand people is a thousand Reals for comrcio' ' , it said Squid. ' ' It (the poor person) does not go for the bank, for the derivative, is this that we need to make for the economy of this country crescer' '. Squid also defended the level of the Brazilian tax burden as mechanism of social politics. ' ' The tax burden of Central America is 9% or 10%. A country with this load Has not been, because the State cannot take care of of nada' ' , it affirmed.

Contolling Rampant Consumerism

All this spending, eating and buying brings citizens to consume more resources of the state. And the Government, either the color or colors may be, must be very cautious but we have some money, because we all know that money usually ends. And besides, with a certain speed. DEFINITION OF OPTIMISM Although it seems that is beside the point, I put here the definition of optimism: Getting the most out of a particular situation. And now we are in a particular situation. WHAT YOU MUST DO … Of course, if until now pulled the building economy seems to have to find someone else to throw it. This one might be: The external sector.

In other words, we increase our exports. Where? In emerging economies, which are fuming (China, India, for example) is in Europe or the United States. As they say, we know to export to Europe and the United States, which are not now to shoot rockets. and worst export to China, India, etc., probably because our prices or quality of our products or the quality of our service are not the best. In addition, the dollar is undervalued against the euro, which means we can buy cheaper in the U.S. and sell them expensive. On February 28 he began to $ 1.52 per euro. Furthermore, since the Chinese have decided that their money is attached to the dollar, with them we feel the same. (Income Corporation took advantage of good prices in USA and has bought an office building on Broadway. I think Amancio Ortega has also bought buildings there.) (Y, taking advantage of any bridge, any self-respecting Spanish leaves shopping in New York.) Moreover, emerging countries are still emerging, they buy many raw materials and a lot of oil and this helps keep prices high.

Iraq Oil

This history of crisis comes if dragging during many years, the truth it is that we were been deceptive. It is clearly that the world-wide government wise person of what it was for coming, particularly the greedy ones of this century that does not want to know if goes will harm somebody or something, they only want more and more power. According to Colin J. Campbell, (It sees, April, On-line, special notebook, economy,) ‘ ‘ The oil is today one of the main incognito in the way of the growth global.’ ‘ Since that the first barrel of oil was extracted of the soil with the objective to move an automobile, is speculated on on the end of this fuel. Nobody still has a reply on when it goes to finish. Today, the conflict in Iraq has pressured the price of the oil, but the tragic one is that the production reached limit tax for the nature.

This is the difference. In the too much crises, the price of the barrel blew up, but packed for conflicts that limited the production and offers. Shock of the decade of 70, for example, was influenced by the Arab-Israeli confrontation in 1973 and the fall of the government of the Anger, in 1979. It did not have natural restrictions, but, yes, politics. Now the situation is entirely different. The main impact of the technology has been, in the truth, to keep high levels of production in known reserves.

State Production

As LUIZ (1993) says: The essential purpose of Organization and Methods consists of the beginning of rationalization of the methods of work of form qualifying the individual to better produce more and inside of a unit of time. With effect, the simple application of a method of rational work, as it designates Harry Miller, with the same use of human resources and material, it can increase very in the productivity of the work. The results gotten for the application of the techniques of & M is of quantitative and qualitative nature. It enters the results of quantitative nature we can cite: – increase of the production with the same work time; – exactly volume of production with lesser time of work; – increase of production with the same number of employees; – exactly volume of production with the lesser number of employees. How much to the qualitative results, gotten through & M, we can mention: – better general quality of the product; – bigger precision technique for produced unit; – bigger rapidity and pontualidade in the cronograma of production; – bigger homogeneity of the product, in relation the color, weight, size, general finishing. It can be seen that Luiz elenca many factors that well are seen on the part of the company in its empreendedorismo politics can itself be applied in its managemental regimen and thus to surprise market to be to the front with products/innovative services, of value and therefore conquering the satisfaction of the customer. The company does not have only to be supported in strategies offered for the administration but also for the accounting thus to be able to keep the empreendedorismo as form of new strategical vision in the world contemporary. As IUDICIBUS et al (1993) says: The accounting, in the quality of methodology especially conceived to catch, to register, to accumulate, to summarize and to interpret the phenomena that affect the patrimonial, financial and economic situations of any being, either this natural person, not-lucrative entity of purpose, company, or same public corporation, such as: State, City, Union, Autarchy etc., have a circumscribed field of performance to the supramentioned entities, what it is equivalent to say, very ample.

World War

Other aspects are indicated to understand the Crisis of 1929. Treated to Versailles, elaborated after the World War I, imposed to Germany the payment of indemnities for being considered ' ' culpada' ' for the war. The economic crisis that if it installed in Germany with these impositions, amongst others, provoked a climate of instability in the Europe, a time that to this country was one of the main economies at this moment. The unemployment crisis that after devastated the world the World War I in the aid to understand the perspective marxist of that subconsumo had one. Beyond the unemployment, the low wages (that they can be consequence of this picture) and the lack of stability in the job and one future retirement took to the one great fall of consumption. Another uneven aspect of the Crisis of 1929 is its universal character, therefore it affected all the sectors of the economy and all the layers of the society. The capitalist countries central offices diminish its importation drastically, causing terrible crises in the exporting countries.

The lack of credits in the market worsening still more this picture. An event of such amplitude could not leave to re-echo in the politics of the affected countries. Classic liberalism entered in crisis. The reached countries had treated to intervine in the economy to try to save what it remains. The known example more is the New Deal, in the United States, dispatches by post to the front for its president Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933-45).

An economist defended the idea of that the crisis was a problem me the distribution of the wealth. According to John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946), the governments would have to guarantee that the popular layers possessed ways of survival and consumption, to guarantee the development of the capitalist system. Moreover, the British theoretical idiasdeste had been well accepted for the governments due to its politicosocial aspect.

National Association

To keep the attractiveness of the deep ones, the government also plans to still reduce the tax charged on its incomes in 2009. The change will be adopted in accordance with the next alterations to the basic tax of Selic interests. Also the end of the expenses contributed for the captation of the passbook to be positive adds of beginning of year. Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutions will not settle for partial explanations. As the majority of the economizers has few kept resources, them they serve> many times to complement the income, that is dislocated for expenditures as payment of school registration and pertaining to school material and taxes, typical of the start of the year. Although the improvement in the captation in May, the saving accumulates in 2009 a liquid rescue of R$78 millions. The income of the passbooks in the last month was of R$1,085 billion, and the balance in day 29 of May was in R$221,516 billions. By the same author: Connie Coleman.

Appetite for riscoUm another data that cannot be discarded is that the appetite of the investors for risk is increased, what becomes applications in stock market or investment fund more attractive than the saving. In accordance with the data of the National Association of the Banks of Investment (Anbid), the captation in investment fund was negative in the month of May in R$ 412 million. In the last working day of the month, it happens the system eat-quotas, that are when the administrators charge the taxes of its investors. 2,7 billion had been R$. In the year, the captation in deep is positive in R$ 30,6 billion, with the accumulated balance superior R$ 1,24 trillion.

Modern Technology

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, has two centuries more than, the modern technology has radically increased or improved the production, the transports and communications in the whole world. During the period, the population world-wide human being grew more than of a billion for seven billion, and appeared a net of world-wide interconnection between the individuals. In the search for natural resources (foods, fuels and other raw materials) and for markets for the industrialized products, the corporations work, negotiate, collaborate and compete between itself, transform the culture and the environment through its structural power. Thus, this dynamics of action cause, at the same time, benefit for one determined group and a gamma of damages of diverse types for a great population mass. Word-key: globalization, structural power, to be able brando, companies multinationals. Abstract industrial Since revolution first days, to over two centuries ago, modern technology radically changed industrial production, transportation and communications all to over the world. During this teams, world population increased from one billion you seven billion people, and person it to you person world network appeared.

In to order of find natural resources and new markets will be to their products, corporations work hard, battle with to other corporations will be the market share, and change the culture and physical environment to after using to their structural to power. This action dynamics is responsible will be giving huge profits and benefits you the social a small group and big losses, of many kinds, you an immense population mass. Keywords: globalization, hard Power, soft Power, worldwide companies. Presentation a characteristic of the capitalism is the incessant search for new consuming markets. They are overcome, for example, the United States and the developed European nations: when if they deplete the natural resources, the possibilities of the raw material transformation are limited in finished product, or when it offers of industrialized products grows the point not to find purchasers, these nations (represented by its companies state or private) they start to long for the magnifying of the commerce through the conquest of new spaces in the globe.

HSBC Confection

Already HSBC was what it headed the list of the biggest tariffs (20 item), followed for the Bradesco (nine) and Banrisul (seven). As the study, 46 different readjustments had been identified, with index of maximum readjustment in the Banrisul (doubtful check leaf supply, of R$ 0,35 for R$ 1,50, or 328.6%), and minimum, in the Unibanco (DOC/TED, of R$ 8 for R$ 8,10 or 1.3%). Also between the packages and baskets of offered services, five banks had increased the prices (CEF, Banrisul, HSBC, Santander and Unibanco). The applied maximum readjustment was in the Banrisul (standardized package passed of R$ 8 for R$ 18,50, high of 131,25%) and the minimum, in the CEF (Special Package passed of R$ 21,50 for R$ 22, 2,33% increase). The survey showed, still, that it has a great variation between tariffs charged for the same services.

' ' In some banks, no tariff is charged by determined services (confection of I register in cadastre, certified check and identified deposit) while in other banks the same ones arrive to cost R$ 59' ' , it points the study. Therefore it is. It imagines to act in a market where its main product (in the case operations of credit) has the highest cost and the consumer does not have option not to be to buy of you. that, moreover, you still also can can charge of the customer basic services expensive that its company supplies (in the case the confection of one I register in cadastre, or the consultation of an extract). The State of Mines of 23 of April of 2009Site of the Incorporativa Magazine must be easy to be banker in the Brasil.BibliografiSite of the IDEC in 23 April of 2009Jornal of Brazil of 09 of May of 2009Jornal in 05 of May of 2009

International Architecture

Taking advantage of the update of to their webpage ABIBOO international Architecture is an study with headquarters in Madrid, New York and India. In its newly redesigned website they incorporated Think Tank, to space designed for the exchange of ideas, to live lab conceived for the continuous intellectual exploration of creative ideas that identify the new society of information. Think Tank incorporates to theoretical discussion, open and virtual, about ideas from within the professional and academic practice of ABIBOO Architectures team, along with reviews, interviews and presentations from to diver moment referents in multiple artistic you discipline. ABIBOO Architecture, therefore, opens spaces for others to share ideas and information. The objective that ABIBOO Architecture pursues with this space is to foster multidisciplinary collaborations and to give visibility to the work of passionate people, to whichever to their field of work, enriching AT the same architectural Time all the experience. International This platform seeks to create an community related to the art, technique and innovation that will allow sharing different resources through cascade systems that generate constant flowcharts of knowledge. From ABIBOO Architecture we commit to this way of working and it s applied in all the activities they perform, betting on internationalization, experimentation and the continuous search from different professional perspectives to maintain excellence and positive solutions to the needs of society and in the environment in which it operates. ABIBOO architectural Architecture prograpevines an innovative design which there are always been present in the international architecture that extends from the Inner Design and Furniture, to the Architectural design of many typologies, to the Landscape and Urban Design.