Spain Information

The new DNI electronico looks very similar to the traditional, with the important novelty of the incorporation of a small integrated circuit or chip, which securely stores the information and processes it internally. Stands out by its possibilities and characteristics that define, among which it is worth highlighting: allows you to electronically certify the identity of a person with no margin of error, sign digitally providing the same validity as the handwritten, make purchases with signatures over the Internet, perform public procedures wherever you are and at any time, transfer safely among banking entities, ease of access to buildings, such as for example those working, safe use of our pc and videoconferencing with accreditation of identity by the interlocutor. The use of information and communication technologies will enable citizens to benefit and thus accelerate the implementation of the information society in Spain. On our website you may request, cites previous Dni Renew ID and appointment ID card by phone..