Japan Silk

Do determine the profitability of a farm dedicated to the intensive production of silk cocoons for export under conditions of Zamorano, through exploitation of Bombyx Mori and Morus Alba specific:? Develop a broad research the way of life, power and life cycle of the species Bombyx Mori. Determine if Zamorano climatic conditions are favourable for the establishment of a culture of Morus Alba. IV. ANALYSIS?MARKET ANALYSIS AND MARKETING STRATEGY?N: to through this business plan seeks to produce silk of high quality for the international market, at a time thereby in an indirect manner helps to reduce the rate of unemployment at the level of the medium.

After investigating has come to determine that in the international market there is a great demand and business opportunity for both fibers of silk and Silkworm production (Bombyx mori). Today a new growing niche in the market is the production of worms Silk only for the establishment of plantations dedicated to sericulture. Countries such as France, Italy, Japan, Germany, China and United States are potential markets for the production of silk. According to statistical data taken from the National Corporation for import and export of silk in China knows that the unit price of the raw silk is 20 times higher than that of the raw cotton (it is difficult to estimate the overall industry value, since the major importing countries lack reliable statistics of the finished products of silk). However despite these promising opportunities; We have investigated at the country level to determine that a demand for silk there is in the rough. Possible reasons are due to the low income of the population, the country’s economic situation, lack of knowledge and lack of technology and processes of transformation of matter. The business plan provides our company must apply as a strategy an indirect distribution channel of short type; in this case we We desempenariamos in a first stage the role of producer.