Eduardo Blanco

Is that, perhaps for many, this is a time of lean and need to be adjusted to the maximum when handling money; but really there are many possibilities for the creation of a web site. Today is not as before which was really very expensive. Today manages to register a domain for 10 or 20 dollars a year and also get templates (predesigned websites) with prices between the 70 and 100 dollars, which have an excellent design with many options that allow you to adapt to your business or company. The problem of these predesigned pages and sold at low cost, is that they sell it to anyone, i.e. you can have multiple pages with the same design, if you you want exclusive price is another. It is not the same that you hire your own webmaster, that design you the web site to your taste and to be functional with your company, but at least you have something to start and with one smaller investment, we are talking about very small numbers for a business or company, so you will have your own web site and your email accounts with your domain. With respect to E-mail the company below some recommendations to keep in mind: leverages to have a more fluid communication with your clients by sending them a weekly mail with offers or novelties.

Both the title and the issue should be very clear so that your customer knows perfectly that you’re talking about. Used to fund this tool to get important data from your customers. Careful with capital letters, do not forget that Internet overuse of capital letters means that you are yelling leverages the speed of email to send important information and quality, something that your customers are waiting every week, and differentiate yourself from your competition. Do not allow to Spam. The signature of the email is not something without value, must be taken seriously, that the name of your company, includes a links to your web site, and the name of who has delivered the mail or the director or Manager in charge of the sector. What more important: do not allow that in your company E-mail messages sent by your customers remain unanswered. This is highly counterproductive. Finally: If you can, in your measure, take the example of the great, them, develop a budget and spend a significant amount of money for advertising on the internet and on their web sites updates and get satisfactory results that have an impact on more sales.