Safety First

ARAI helmet and SHOEI. Choose a helmet is quite simple: it is necessary to exclude Chinese crafts for $ 25 (at the first blow, they can fly into small pieces) and … look for the letter "E" in a circle on the strap. The newspapers mentioned Amazon not as a source, but as a related topic. But being born and tested as helmets, which must ensure the safety of our heads? Hard and soft is already 40 years as a helmet is compulsory by law in many countries, but often the decisive factor in the choice is not as much protection as the original type or coloring. However, in the first place when choosing a helmet should pay attention to his ability as much as possible to absorb impact energy so as not getting any head. And for that helmet must be properly deformed and even partially destroyed during the impact. Impact energy, which does not reach the head, in fact destroys the helmet. In this one powerful blow aimed at his helmet split a few scattered and weaker.

So, we decided to find out how Helmets are designed and manufactured to assist you in proper evaluation of the selection and purchase. Helmet consists of two shells made of different materials and perform different functions. The combined process production, they must distribute the impact energy for maximum space and time to absorb it. The outer casing of the helmet – hard shell, made of different materials (thermoplastics and composites). Of most commonly used thermoplastic ABS (cheap, flexible, but requires a little greater than the thickness of the material) or polycarbonate (the more expensive, durable, allowing thinner material), or various blends with intermediate characteristics.

Optimal Selection

On the road with a car can happen any. Car park is constantly growing, and added the number of those who recently got behind the wheel. In most situations the tow truck is needed when a failure of auto. However, often tow is in demand and as a result of the accident, when should I deliver the car to the examination or service. Other, more "exotic" reasons to use tow – Lock the door locks because the keys left in a car or a high degree of intoxication. So, what to do when you're such a trouble has occurred – car refused the most inopportune moment, it is urgently needed evacuation to specialist services in order to "improve their health," or the parking lot, and move independently, it can not? You can contact companies that provide transportation services cars. Self-respecting firm, 90 percent of cases, provide a reliable tow 24×7 – around the clock, including weekends and holidays.

What information is important to tell the dispatcher the company for transportation, so as soon as possible solve the problem? 1) model car – it just helps you understand what will be needed to tow your particular case. 2) The registration number and the color of the vehicle to its success in identifying the location. 3) the completeness of available damages, if you are able to provide. But will address needed transportation, arrival time, a tow truck, your contact information and personal data for communication. For the motorist, please make a tricky situation needs to be fast, accurate and inexpensive evacuation of his car at the desired location. The time of filing, of course, depends on where you are – in Moscow and the Moscow region during the arrival of a tow truck in will largely depend on whether there is a "plug" in the right direction.

It is necessary to consider if you do call a tow truck. The higher transport service exists in the market, the more well-established logistics and, therefore, this The organization has the opportunity to perform more quickly received applications. In the capital, usually served in a tow truck for 1 hour. Question savings vehicle generally will depend on what kind of tow truck used the organization providing these services. Very good in terms of speed, affordable and safe method of loading and unloading of your vehicle immobile – is to use tow truck with a hydraulic platform. Help even in quite difficult situations. Evacuation of the car with the suspension front or rear axle to tow – in this case, unfortunately, begins the uneven distribution of load on the back of the truck, due to irregularities of the pavement may strain the individual elements of the exterior. You have the opportunity, how to maintain your vehicle to your destination on the tow truck, and refuse this by writing letter of attorney to his carriage, giving the vehicle documents and a list of visible damage. Please note that the evacuation of a severe and unusual cases (night call, a simple request of the customer, locking steering, wheels) usually require you to pay for additional services. If you are not the first time using the services first and the same organization, you can count on a discount as a repeat customer.

Russian Government Commission

Russian authorities have decided to support the domestic car manufacturers unprecedented high import duties on foreign cars. Fall under the protection and transportation funds collected by foreign manufacturers in Russia. What is it expressed? The fact that the duty on foreign cars aged up to three years in Russia will grow from 25% to 30%. Similar sizes and rates are prompted to enter into passenger cars in operation for three to five years. This decision was made on November 7 the Russian Government Commission on protective measures in foreign trade and customs tariff policy.

This proposal has already been announced at a cabinet meeting. Analysts believe that the Featured numbers can actually recognize the final. In effect the decision of the Government Commission will come after the official publication of the ruling government. On cars older than five years will be installed prohibitive rates depending on engine size. From 2,5 to 5, 7 euro for 1 cubic cm – in the cars. This post, initially strongly alarmed suppliers of trucks.

The fact that some media asserted that under the increase of fees will fall and new trucks, including China. Of course, many potential buyers of Chinese trucks and tractors took this post with caution. The point that the Chinese cars (as opposed to European-made equipment) rose in price recently, in 2008. This was associated with the transition of Chinese art at the Euro-3 standard, since it is the beginning of 2008 the import to Russia techniques that do not meet this environmental standard, has been banned.

Japan Import

Speaking about the import of Japanese cars, we usually mean second-hand cars. Many used the word associated with the word old, but in fact the definition used has nothing to do with age car, and only indicates that the car had already had an owner. Here's a simple example: in December last year, the new Nissan GT-R 2008 has been sold at AUCNET as 'used' … Of what importance is the age of Japanese cars for its future owner? There are several moments. First, you see, just do not want to buy an old car, but the majority is guided more by rational considerations. For example, the same model but different years of release, may differ exterior, interior finishings, which plays a key role in choosing the age of the car. Significant role, of course, is also the idea that the newer machine, the better its state, which is nice, in most cases, Japanese cars to justify this assertion. The thing syaken – compulsory automobile inspection, which by Japanese law shall be held every two years.

And it is rigor of the audit and makes Japanese car carefully treat and monitor her condition. In addition, during the winter roads in Japan is not sprinkled with salt, as it is practiced in many other countries, therefore, corrosion and rust 'eat' the car is less than in the west. Another reason to think about the age of the machine, in addition to the technical condition are state restrictions on imports, both direct and indirect. For example, import to the United States 25 years or older car is very easy, as a 'young' cars must meet certain standards, and with machines up to 6 years in general difficult. When you import cars to Canada over 15 years do not meet no obstacles, and restricted the import of newer Canadian safety standards. Australia allows free import of machines, manufactured before January 1, 1989; for cars 'younger' more stringent rules, and each machine does not need a break ADR (Australian Design Rules), introduced to registered motor company (RAW). New Zealand has similar conditions (as amended in 1990).

In England, any machine age, at least ten years can be imported just passed MOT, newer machines have a system of restrictions ESVA. Cyprus needs a special permit to import cars manufactured more than 5 years ago. And in Pakistan and Bangladesh imports are allowed up to 4 cars years. In India – up to three, Sri Lanka – to two, Peru – up to 5 years. Restrictions on imports of Japanese cars imported to Russia at the moment are the through cars, manufactured after June 7, 2001. And on the import of cars manufactured after May 2005 years, provides a solid tax (compared with 2-7letnimi cars). If you knock out the outcome of all this, then for successfully importing Japanese cars of its age must meet three main conditions – the preferences and taste of the future owner, the technical state and government restrictions.

State Federal Tariff Service

In late 2008, the State Federal Tariff Service on the railroad twice with 0.72 to 0.36 reduced the rates of tariff rates for transportation of cars on Russian railways in the country at a distance of over 1,000 km and up to 3,000 kilometers, inclusive. Now, transfer one unit of commodity machines, in contrast to the transport vehicle transporters in Russia, in-car grid at a distance of 3,000 km would cost AvtoVAZ in 4600 rubles against 9.2 thousand. And so, if still about 95% of all VAZovsoy products for domestic transportation market cars were delivered to Russia transporters, but now because of government subsidies for rail transport of AvtoVAZ and other manufacturers become more profitable. The signed a tripartite agreement, on the one hand, and Russian Railways RZD and RailTransAuto in 2009-2011, will carry up to 400 thousand cars per year Togliatti, against 50 000 VAZ earlier. A maritime transport has little effect and may only be exercised during the navigation season, which significantly limits the ability of transport vehicles for values over time. Most routes run through Baltic Sea in the west of Russia and the South through the Black Sea ports. A supply of cars to Russia in the Asia-Pacific region has complicated the situation of port of the Far East. Imported cars became more and construction of new ports avtoterminaly for their acceptance and handling.

On the other – to export these cars are nothing. JSC "RZD" imposed a ban on transportation of cars in the postal and baggage cars, and specialized transporters catastrophic enough. And since the fall of the market sales of foreign cars in Russia in the first two months of this year, already up 36%. At the same sale in the regions falling more rapidly than in central urban areas. The exception is only the North-West Federal District, where the decline was only 25%.