World War

It more does not advance to reason ahead of what it had lost the reason. If you would like to know more then you should visit Ohio Senator. It has some versions for the origin of the Dadasmo term, as some authors dadastas that they affirm its discovery, thus is of if considering that this confusion all of who really would have been the true author, has been proposital, to cause confusion in the mind of the people. Who after all discovered the origin of the term dadasmo? It would have been really Tzara? As we perceive for the definition of what he would be dadasmo, the characteristics of this antiartistic movement. Dadastas bothered with the war and unsatisfied for the standard of artistic representation during the periods or styles in the arts. Finished the war, dadastas comes back toward its native land, continues with its ideas dadastas and makes expositions. The last manifestation that if has with formal date, is of 1922, already from 1923, appears the surrealismo, that is, it appears, because the surrealismo already had if formed very before what supposedly she would have been it finishes it given manifestation. The surrealismo is considered the art that reflects the dreams, being a consequence or continuation of some ideas dadastas.

When the abstraction in the subject is presented and in the visual element we do not have the Dadasmo or Surrealismo. We have that to have in mind a thought, the majority of these styles in the History of the Arts if gave in periods marked for conflicts wars, as it is the case of the Dadasmo, where it occurred in the period of the World War I, join it the revolts due to the horrors of the war. MICHELI writes: Given it was born of a moral requirement, of an implacable desire to reach an absolute moral, of the deep feeling of that the man, in the center of all the empobrecidas slight knowledge of the substance human being, on the things deceased and the goods badly acquired.

National Politics

The interviewed professors tell to which the deficiencies found in regular education, that are: deaf person-dumb, mental he has led, syndrome of DAWN, deficiency physics, appearance as color-blindness and upheavals of behavior. Beyond commenting the experiences of if working with to these she disciplines it pupils of Art, concluding that she is difficult, many times they assisted who them, they were the proper colleagues of the pupil, who repassed the proposal of the professor. For others, the pupils correspond with much enthusiasm, therefore the Art starts to be therapy in the life of them. In the opinion of plus a professor, to work with inclusive education, without knowledge, it is very difficult, not being prepared for this type of work, however it is a challenging and very interesting experience. Source: Amazon. A professor, when working with deaf pupil, commented that the difficulty was surpassed with work of pounds and learned very with this pupil.

The experience with color-blindness was interesting, the professor placed label in the color pencils and a colleague of the group or to the proper assisted it professor in the development of the activities, always Had, also, that one that acted normally with the inclusion pupil during the lessons. Interviewed other, however more reflexive on its action, has conscience that it was far from reaching the objectives and was not prepared to work with child inclusa, finding very difficult. Some pupils obtain in giving return to them, in way, that the professor learns with the imperfections. With as many difficulties professor to work it of inclusive form and is not complicated for the pupil its inclusion. This is a reality of the schools southwestern of the Paran and Brazil. Some laws and resolutions support the process of inclusion in the regular school of these pupils: The Federal Law n. 7853, of 24 of October of 1989 – it makes use on the National Politics for the Integration of the Carrying Person of Deficiency.

The Professors

GRAPH 1: Level of formation of the professors of Biology of the five state schools, Sobral – CE, in February of 2010. In graph 2 an analysis consists on the time of education of the professional, therefore the more experience will have, more domain will have to plan its lesson, is evident that already it understands and it knows all procedure of education. As we can below observe the values shown in the graph, 67% of the professors have above of 7 years of education experience while 11% have of 2 the 3 years. GRAPH 2: Time of experience of education of the professors of the five state schools, Sobral – CE, February of 2010. It is of utmost importance the existence of laboratory of Biology in the state schools.

The student staff needs an adequate space and good quality to make its research, as well as the schools needs an aired place and with diverse parts pupils to explore them, without they are interrupted (Graphical 3). It was evidenced in the percentages that 89% of the observed state schools they make use of laboratory of Biology and 11% not yet have available. GRAPH 3: Existence of laboratory of the five state schools, Sobral – CE, in February of 2010. In accordance with the gotten data, the majority of the schools has didactic material (89%), but the professors meet unsatisfied with regard to little variety, me the quality of these (Graphical 4). GRAPH 4: Existence of didactic material of anatomy human being in the five state schools, Sobral – CE, in February of 2010.


Where the musical language has been interpreted, understood in some ways, at each time and culture, in tune with the model to think. The job of different types of sounds in music is an entailed question the time and the culture. For Wagner music is ' ' the language of the human heart ' '. With concept it takes in them to the rhythm idea, that starts to be basic element of the manifestations of the life and also one I begin basic in music. The music concept varies of culture for culture. Therefore, even so the verbal language is a media and of relationship between the peoples, in accordance with done research was contested that music is universal, therefore, each people has its proper way of expression through the words, reason for which has thousand of languages spread for the globe. Music is a language, rank that is a system of signos' ' , it affirms Hans-Joachim Koellreutter, that is, music is a language, that intentionally organizes the signs and silence where it becomes gift in a dynamic game of relations that symbolize, in sonorous microsculptures, the microsculptures universais.' ' music is not alone one technique to compose sounds (and silence), but, a way to reflect and to open head of the listener for the world.

? … with its refusal to any predetermination in music, considers the unexpected one as motto, a freedom exercise that it would like to see extended to the proper life, therefore everything what we make (all the enclosed sounds, noises and not-sounds) is musica.' ' (Fields, 1985, P. 5) the envolvement of the children with the sonorous universe still starts before the birth, therefore, in phase drinks the intrauterine them already coexists an environment of sounds provoked for the body of the mother, for the fact of the blood that flows in the veins, the breath and the movement of the intestines.