Oil Extraction

Oil: Localization and extraction oil is distributed in many parts of the world, but always in those in whom there were marine sediments. There are certain particularly favoured areas of nuestroplaneta, such as those bordering the sea of the West Indies or Caribbean, the section South of the United States, sealed Arabigas and Iranica in the Persian Gulf, the West coast of the MarCaspio, the Eastern and suboriental of European Russia and the Sahara in Africa elnorte: some islands of the Republic are likewise deIndonesia and restricted peaceful of the Ecuador and Elperu coastal areas. There are also offshore zones in Europe (South of France, Northern Germany, Holland, Center and South of Italy, Austria and Poland).Extraction methods are: of persecution-is dropped a heavy tool cortanteque was raised and lowered into the ground by a rocker; amedida that the armor-piercing bar deepened, is adicionaba another, which was solidly fixed to its free end. The probe Rotary-consists of a turntable and horizontalen whose center is fixed probe, consisting of a strong steel tube (drill), which carries in its armor-piercing or lower end one-piece deacero very hard edges or shear head, sometimes equipped with dediamantes industrial, whose purpose is to drill rocks. As lasonda enters the Court, added you new tubes from the mismaseccion that is screwed onto the free end of the armor-piercing tube, until the head of it to reach oil deposits. In algunoscasos is enclosed, in more or less large holdalls, only or acompanadode water and gases that are compressed more or less energy- and loobligan to walk up the tubo-sonda to the surface (oespontaneo natural flow). People such as Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs would likely agree. When gas and water pressure is not sufficient, it must be pumping oil.The location of an archaeological site of this important fuel no longer serealiza of empirical mode as was done at the beginning of the industriapetrolifera. Currently used as auxiliary devices muysensibles as they are the magnetometer, gravimeter, andother seismograph..