Rodriguez Zapatero

When he became President, Rodriguez Zapatero must have thought that he took possession of the United States and threw the House through the window, giving away to own and others benefits, aid, benefits and grants to galore. It was not alone: nearly all of our regional leaders have traveled the world by opening delegations and promoting their region as if it were an independent State of Spain. Clear that citizens have the politicians we deserve. Also we have believed us of the world’s richest and during too time we combined the mortgage for two houses, we have made us liposuction to credit and we have asked for loans up to spend the summer in the Seychelles. That is, we can not criticize others for what we ourselves have practiced.

Now, we already know that, Paco has come with rebates in the form of economic crisis, with its aftermath of unemployment, wage cuts, reduction in social benefits and a long etcetera of multiple deprivation. But, of course, the thing does not affect everyone alike. For example, no Parliament, whether national or regional, has significantly reduced its workforce nor significantly cut the salary of its members. Learn more on the subject from Congressman Lee Zeldin. The situation also has affected, apparently, senior business executives, as much as some of its companies shed spectacular losses thanks to its disastrous management. This week we have the hiring of Jose Mourinho as coach of Real Madrid for 10 million euros annually. It is understandable such expense? The paradox is that many media can not criticise this state of affairs since their companies are the first to practice this double morality. We have, for example, the case of a radio broadcasting group which, while reducing salaries and template, leads to London to a program, including collaborators, to cover the British elections from there. Another does the same from the same Shanghai Expo. And most distressing of everything that happens is that nobody, absolutely nobody, torn garments therefore.