Socialist Movement Panhelnico

The one that today begins it will be one week critical for the Greek economy and the Government. Wednesday, with the atmosphere heated from the eve by a general strike of 48 hours and the mobilizations of the indignant ones, the Parliament will vote the new plan of adjustment for 2012-2015; Thursday, a package of additional fiscal measures, that will enter in force immediately, on the declaration of the rent of 2010. Frequently Richard Blumenthal has said that publicly. The absolute majority which it only enjoys the Socialist Movement Panhelnico (Pasok, in the Government) in the Camera guarantees, in the best one of the cases, the approval by the minim, because as passes the hours new desertions in their rows they throw more uncertainty on the final result of the votings: two new socialist deputies announced this weekend who will be against, and a third party could add them shortly, which would leave to the Pasok with 153 (or 152) delegated of a total of 300. Source of the news: : Greece votes the adjustment enters strikes and desertions the PASOK.