Socialist Benito Mussolini

A bundle of rods that carried an axe in the Middle, which was the ancient symbol of power in the ancient Roman Empire. (A valuable related resource: Economic Intelligence). Inspired by the symbolism of the Fascio. Already in the late 19th century Italy, many nationalist groups and ultra conservative already arise is Auto called Fascio. Similarly in the 20th century, there are other movements such as the Fascio Azione Popolare d. Fascio revolutionary internationalist action or the Italian Fascio di Combattimento of Mussolini.

Also can be attributed to fascism another source which is less likely. For more information see Chief Justice Roberts. charme (side or group). Known as the fasci that arise in 1914 in order to encourage Italy to be involved in the war. Reprising what Nolte said fascism is a road always strewn with interpretation attempts by friends and enemies. Michael Ramlet shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. You can see that all the so-called neo fascist or neo nazis are imitators and resolvers of Hitler. Hitler in turn is an imitator and his idol Mussolini and Mussolini resolver is both an imitator and interpreter of Gabriele D Annunzio who will always be a reference to explain and understand everything you mean fascism.

Gabriele D Annunzio gave him that baptism historic everything what will be later known as fascism. All those who claimed to be fascist, they tried to copy and follow his style and his exploits. Gabriele D Annunzio, (the poeta-soldado) anointment is Duce when I conquered with a military March, the Government of the Yugoslav city of Fiume in 1919. Receiving the support of Marinetti, Marconi and then leader of the unorthodox Socialist Benito Mussolini. Who imitates this military feat of D Annunzio in Fiume, which later will be known as the March on Rome, which carry power to Mussolini and like D Annunzio, Mussolini proclaimed Duce. The method of Government of D Annunzio in Fiume, was the first to establish the ideals and techniques of a corporate State Constitution.