Slaypa Warriors

In Slayp played by the ancient Norse warriors – the Vikings. In many naval campaigns helped the game tough and reclusive northern warriors channel the energy into its peaceful course, for the moment, fist fights and forget about the bloody battles. In short, the game could for a while humble violent and dangerous habits of the ancient warriors. Then replaced by a show of force demonstration of the superiority of the mind. But not boredom and idleness forced the Vikings to while away long hours at sea playing Slayp. The game helped the soldiers to fight to hone skills, endurance and precision strikes. On the board for a game of billiards Scandinavian, also called as Slayp, invincible warriors played pictures of upcoming battles destroying the enemy army. Comparison with bloody battles Slaypa somewhere off the coast of northern seas is no accident! The Game is to score a pawn of the enemy in a pocket located at the corners of the table.

Pawns same like the host of the enemy, placed in a row on the opposite side of the table. Such a "balance of forces" like mine before the first hard battle! Not by chance the Vikings spent many hours playing Slayp. But not only severe temper the game, so much like the character of ancient warriors, and not only its practical benefits, not once saved the Vikings in the bloody battles, forced the Northern people to love her. Have another Scandinavian pool, very important quality in the sea. Pawns and bits of Slap not round, as in other types of billiards and flat, resembling a hockey puck.

This form – the undoubted advantage of the sea. Slayp as its first players, not afraid of sea disturbances and storms. Despite the pitching, the rain and bad weather behind, the Vikings continued to fight hard to hone skills in a favorite game.