Sales Processes

Some days ago in a seminar related to sales processes, it came to the fore a concern related to which are the facts that lead to a company to think about a strategy of centralization on the client. That is why companies must modify their way of serving and serving customers. To a question about who was not aware of the importance of the customer and of the urgent need to generate processes whereby the customer feel better attended and attracted by the company, there was no one person in an auditorium of more than 40 participants who would not agree. I left thinking in something that happens constantly. Many of the companies that were there represented do not have the slightest idea of how to treat a customer well and less as a pamper you and fidelizarlo. I say this because I am a customer of some of these companies. However, all were totally agree that the most important thing is the customer. This led me to write this article which I would like to generate some awareness about the signals that there is on the market and the economy to they have to really and in a serious manner, corporations take a journey of being so focused on product and prove that really the customer if it is important for their organizations, passing to a more customer-centric schema.

I.e. less speak of the importance of customer for them and more action with concrete facts. Who we are dedicated to the topic of CRM and centralization in customer strategies, we have certainly read more than two or three books on the subject. There is no book (well, is a little exaggeration to say none) is not in his first two chapters something that says the new scenario of business or live in a rapidly changing environment. The idea is to acclimate to the readers about the signals that sends us the market about trends that we need to review to make strategic in the way decisions as we conduct our business.