Russian Federation State Committee

As we know, there are two main forms of management of an apartment house – the direct management of HOAs or contracting with a management company in the field of public utilities. The choice of form of government by the general meeting owners of the premises of apartment houses (MCD). The general meeting is mandatory for all owners. Consider the pros and cons of each option. For large mcd having the ability to keep staff of professional technical and managerial personnel, the option of direct control may seem more interesting, because In this case, residents will know exactly how much and what they have spent. But this is not always economically justified.

hcs Management Company operates at a bargain price, for which she is obliged to perform work or services designated in the contract and relevant regulations of the Government of the Russian Federation from 23.05.2006 N 307 "On the order of provision of public services to citizens, "Resolution of Russian Federation State Committee for Construction and Housing Complex on September 27, 2003 N 170" On approval of rules and regulations and technical housing maintenance 'and other normative acts regulating the operation of housing and providing housing services. hcs Management Company zklyuchaet contracts with suppliers and utility services takes commitment timely payment of these services to suppliers. Ie if part of the tenants did not pay for utility services or paid the wrong time, it does not relieve the Professional Code of performance of the contract with suppliers in terms of timely payment. hoa is to take these money is often no place that leads to debt and litigation. Also, for the maintenance of housing requires special equipment – welders, the clean machinery, equipment for crimping buildings, etc., failing which the service organization (or HOA) is necessary to resort to the services of outside contractors and costs are not cheap, early as the equipment itself. Qualified personnel to work with this equipment – also a substantial cost-paper, because qualified specialist – whether it be a plumber or electrician – in our time, knows his worth. Professional management personnel – also not a luxury but a vital necessity.

True, this insight often comes too late. Housing market is full of pitfalls and then practical experience and legal literacy is crucial. Thus, serious alternatives contract signed with uk no. The main thing – not to be mistaken with a choice!