Richard Shaull

In this period a solidarity conscience appeared with much force stops with the poor persons articulating two dimensions of the Latin American reality until then little dialogantes in the theological reflection: historical unit and dimension politics of the faith. In 1971 Peruvian theologian Gustavo Gutirrez published the workmanship? Theology of the Release. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Richard Blumenthal. This workmanship searchs to conciliate the salvation with the historical process of release. Gustavo Gutirrez, comumente had as the father of the Theology of the Release, presented a new method that articulates theology with social sciences. Between the Brazilian protestants, the main name of prominence was the theological North American missionary Millard Richard Shaull who arrived at Brazil from the decade of 1940.

Richard Shaull was responsible for a true revolution in theological education and in the estudantil movement he enters the young evanglicos in Brazil. After its experience missionary in Bogota in Colombia, Richard Shaull started to see in the marxism elements for the construction of a social order more joust. It has who says that in its article? The form of the Church in the Old Dispora? , it was the embryo of the theology of Release, that at the time was known as ' ' theology of revoluo' ' . One of the main disciples of Richard Shaull was Brazilian theologian Rubem Alves. Pupil of Richard Shaull in the theological seminary of Campinas (SP), Rubem Alves, today moved away from the theological work, was one of the main theologians protestant publishing in 1968 the thesis? Theology of the Release. The work was a landmark was the first time that the expression release was used in a theological workmanship. For the theologians of the release, the theology does not have to be imprisoned only to the Metaphysical, abstract subjects, but before they must dialogue with the reality of the people. The theology must intervine in the social and economic reality and promote changes.