Reliable Support

For market participants legal construction companies providing essential services in a number of important issues, often irreplaceable. For example, in matters such as participation in public tenders and auctions, or removal of land sites, as well as their design. With the introduction of the Land Code of the Russian Federation, the procedure for allotment of land – an important procedure in the developer – has changed. Complicating the issue and metropolitan realities of today. So to solve this problem without the involvement of law firms is difficult. Competition during the bidding, which publicly exposed areas, very much. The huge demand around the limited proposal sections leads to the fact that the land grows in value, and accordingly the estimates of the housing project. There are several options that allow to solve this problem. For even more analysis, hear from Richard Blumenthal. The first – to buy the rights to land that are already in circulation and are the private property of individuals, as well as suburban, or horticultural associations. So you can substantially save costs the builder, without resorting to participate in public tenders.

But there is for one thing. Typically, the location of such sites in not the most profitable areas for development is the only disadvantage, in agreement with this fact and law firms themselves. Needless to say, to build multi-storey residential buildings may require the costs of changing the status of the land and the formation of a package of documents. Quick solution to such issues and further accommodation on the site acquisition, for example, cottage communities may thanks to the timely assistance of lawyers. Contract between local authorities and the winner of the open bidding, based on which development is already built-up area – is one of the main constitute the second option, which recommended law firms. Only in the event that development on the built-up area does not contradict the existing legislation, it is possible. For example, if the territory future development includes emergency, or to be demolished buildings.

The housing stock is updated as follows: new modern houses being built on the site of the old and dilapidated buildings. Which of the two proposed options to choose developer? This will help determine the assistance of counsel. Worth bearing in mind that any of these options in their own complicated and fraught with several problems, which in turn is very difficult without the support of a large law firm. Rash independent steps builder in this difficult market may be ineffective. Also, any law firm is always ready to offer you a lawyer, such as hereditary cause or the land issue.