Rampant Inflation

The situation experienced in 2007 with a shortage of food in some parts of the world was a simple hors interrupted by the crisis of 2008. Governments around the world have removed the mask and willing to print money for nothing until the end of the trees. For more specific information, check out Paulo Coelho. We are now beginning 2011 and prices have already reached historic records. Inventories of food worldwide are at levels lower than in decades, floods around the world accelerate the problem. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out James Donovan Goldman. And all this with the barrel of oil to less than $100. The financial press and television keep telling us that inflation in developed countries is 1-2%, lie!. Do seem them to these numbers in 2010 only: coffee: + 67% sugar: + 53% maize: + 39% soybean oil: + 36% wheat: + 29% soy: 28% cotton: + 85% (we will wear with pure polyester) orange juice: 23% now can explain me where they exit the Governments numbers?. Governments conveniently measure the inflation by removing the price of energy and food as very volatile. In the end who needs gasoline and food truth?. Not much so that inflation is like a train without brakes supermarkets, but rather it say anyone that does market to buy their food, as each time the account is on the rise.