Prime Minister Thatcher

London may 1st elects its Mayor and its Assembly. These elections are given when an oncenio is true since the Labour Party won the elections that led them to be in power, in which remain so far. In May 1997, they ended 17 years followed by conservative governments and on the anniversary of such defeat, the Blues want revenge and take their red rivals for control of the largest city in Europe. Since late 2007 the Conservatives have achieved something that was not happening since the middle of the last decade: have a leader who lead the polls ahead of the labour. Today the tories boast is Outpaces besides having previously won in most of the districts of the capital and hold the first majority in the London Assembly.

If Conservatives win those elections they will severely injure Gordon Brown and strengthen to ask for wanting to replace the main Government of the social democratic international in the world by one party of Thatcher, the same one that started before the privatization revolution globalizing. Red vs blue however, the London electorate not always vote by its metropolitan Mayor in the same way that makes it by their district governments, Assembly members or parliamentarians. While the Conservatives have dominated the British Governments in the 20th century, that has not happened in the capital. Since 1935, they only have led London 1967-73 and in 1977-81. The reds have ruled London from a third of a century from 1935 to 1967, in 1973-77, 1981-86 and since 2000 until today. Between 1986 and 2000, this was the only metropolis in the world which lacked a municipal authority since the Prime Minister Thatcher eliminated the great Council of London (who was then headed by Livingstone, whom the right accused of being an extremist left and an ally of terrorism). Livingstone is the British politician who has received more direct votes.