Population Displacement

INTRODUCTION the migration occurs since the beginning of the history of the humanity. It consists of the space mobility of the population, that is, to move, to pass of a country, state, region for other places, definitively or periodically. What it takes the population to dislocate itself are different and diverse economic reasons of order, politics, cultural and social. As well as job lack, loss of the housing, searchs of better economic and social conditions. Amazon has compatible beliefs. During this project on Population Displacement, it is necessary to know what the pupils think and know on the subject and to cite examples of displacement or migration of the population. After that, we present the concept, the causes and consequences of this process. 2.

JUSTIFICATION Facing of pessimistic form, the Northeast is seen as simbolizao of the hunger, ahead dries and to misery and of this picture the northeastern if it sees acquitted and it leaves in search of better conditions of life. In the hope to have one possibility, many leave its place of origin to run away from dry and the lack of chances north-eastern, dislocating itself for other regions dreaming of the developed place, that not only can give new perspectives to them of life, as it can fit them in the technological domain. When arriving at the great centers, these citizens start to frequentar the peripheries of the cities, living of a prejudiced system inside. The objective that if considers this article is to consider the population displacement, observing the reasons of the intense internal migration, coinciding the concentration of the urban population in the great cities. 3. 3,1 OBJECTIVES GENERAL? To analyze the new routes and standards of the population displacement in Brazil, as well as raising hypotheses of its causes and analyses of the forecasts. To understand as the process of the population displacement for being forced e, at the same time, to generate feelings in a person or a family (suffering, frustration, sadness, homesickness and also hope, desire and expectation).