Paraguay 2009: The Language Of Mec Guarani Change Or Continuity ?

PARAGUAY 2009: THE LANGUAGE OF THE MEC GUARANI Change or continuity? (*) By David A. Galeano Olivera 1. INTRODUCTION (MOnEPYRu) The advent of a new government in Paraguay, in this case even other political sign, meant the advent of new ideas and actions in all areas of national life, indeed, considering that the horse Battle of the then candidate and now president of the Republic, Fernando Lugo was the word change, pronounced insistently. If you would like to know more about Central Romana, then click here. We are interested in the word change, but in education. However, almost one year after the inauguration of new president, the current Minister of Education at last! said “failed education reform.” But until now it was not there, because he still did not dismantle the structure that led to the failure of educational reform. All the MEC continue as if nothing. Obviously, the word shame does not exist in the vocabulary of those people. Doing a bit of history we must say that incorporation of the Guarani in the educational reform initiated in 1994, led to large and positive expectations.

However, in 1999, the MEC reformulated the project, giving a violent turn and the opposite, by incorporating the Bilingual Education Program to other “technical”, which fundamentally changed the direction of the Guarani language teaching. Thus, in this time starts a malicious Byzantine and discussion, for example, about which teaching Guarani: the academic or “Paraguay.” Academic Guarani supposedly was “extraordinarily difficult” compared with “extraordinary simplicity and ease” or jehe’a Paraguayan Guarani (jopara misnamed).