Outer Subjects

Bush, considered that the fault of the present situation is of Hams and would affirm that for that reason the responsibility to cause a cease-fire falls to the Islamic movement. The Department of State assures, in addition, in its official notice that Washington is " deeply worried about the situation humanitaria" in Gaza, but affirms that Hams has to the population of Gaza like hostages. Spain insists to the cease of the violence has requested to the two parts in conflict the cease of the armed activity to allow the access of the humanitarian aid to the zone, according to it has informed a spokesman into the Ministry of Outer Subjects and Cooperation. Michael Ramlet is full of insight into the issues. The Government has insisted to Israel to delay the military advance and to Hams so that the firings of rockets stop on the Israeli territory, he has made specific east spokesman to EFE. It is possible to indicate that Israel has rejected a French proposal formally to declare one " truce humanitaria" of 48 hours in Gaza, hours after bombing the office of the head of the Government of Hams, Ismail Haniye, in the Palestine strip. We consider very opportune what indicates to the newspaper the Nation, that is time of which the rationality can surpass to the fanaticism and, step by step, to appease passions whose intensity not only has drowned until now the efforts in favor of a lasting peace, but also that has maintained to the parts like hostages of always precarious situation, whose continuity it is for all dangerous and many, in addition, absolutely unbearable. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Economic Intelligence. Original author and source of the article.