National Politics

The interviewed professors tell to which the deficiencies found in regular education, that are: deaf person-dumb, mental he has led, syndrome of DAWN, deficiency physics, appearance as color-blindness and upheavals of behavior. Beyond commenting the experiences of if working with to these she disciplines it pupils of Art, concluding that she is difficult, many times they assisted who them, they were the proper colleagues of the pupil, who repassed the proposal of the professor. For others, the pupils correspond with much enthusiasm, therefore the Art starts to be therapy in the life of them. In the opinion of plus a professor, to work with inclusive education, without knowledge, it is very difficult, not being prepared for this type of work, however it is a challenging and very interesting experience. Source: Amazon. A professor, when working with deaf pupil, commented that the difficulty was surpassed with work of pounds and learned very with this pupil.

The experience with color-blindness was interesting, the professor placed label in the color pencils and a colleague of the group or to the proper assisted it professor in the development of the activities, always Had, also, that one that acted normally with the inclusion pupil during the lessons. Interviewed other, however more reflexive on its action, has conscience that it was far from reaching the objectives and was not prepared to work with child inclusa, finding very difficult. Some pupils obtain in giving return to them, in way, that the professor learns with the imperfections. With as many difficulties professor to work it of inclusive form and is not complicated for the pupil its inclusion. This is a reality of the schools southwestern of the Paran and Brazil. Some laws and resolutions support the process of inclusion in the regular school of these pupils: The Federal Law n. 7853, of 24 of October of 1989 – it makes use on the National Politics for the Integration of the Carrying Person of Deficiency.