Motivation And Language

In psychology, motivation is the propeller force (desire) for backwards of all the actions of an organism. Therefore, motivation is the responsible process for the intensity, direction, and persistence of the efforts of a person for the reach of one determined goal. the Language is as the men if they communicate and they interact. For Braghirolli (1995) two types of reasons exist: 1. The positive or of approach 2. The negative or of avoidance.

The positive reasons (approach), according to Braghirolli (1994), more searched and its corresponding goals are: REASON GOAL (pleasure gotten for): Accomplishment: Exitosas accomplishments; Affiliation: Affectionate relations with the others; To be able: Influence on the behavior of other people. She is necessary to think the language human being as place of interaction, constitution of the identities, representation of papers, negotiation of directions, for words, are necessary to face the language not only as representation of the world and the thought or as communication instrument, but yes, above all, as form of social interaction. It is not possible to understand the man without the language, or to understand the language without the man. They are non-separable, therefore the language evolved and evolves with the man; the humanity evolved and evolves with the language. The Language was developed by the man as a way to transmit the practical one of survival. Maurcio Gnerre, in its book Language and Power, affirms cruelly: ' ' The language is the more powerful barbed wire to guarantee poder' '. In synthesis, the power of the word in our life is basic and if to observe the reaction of our affirmations and acts, will discover that they will not return never empty, but yes, repletos of the emitted material. It was studied difference between Language and Language. Language is the representation of the thought by means of signals that allow communication the interaction between the people. James Donovan Goldman Sachs shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.