Iraq Highways

When through the reporters we hear the numbers of the occured deaths in the War of Iraq, we are frightened. It would not be for less, therefore ciphers denote average of 15 the 20 a thousand annual deceased in Iraq since the period of the American invasion in the one after 11 of September of 2001. However, we do not apercebemos in them that the number of deaths in the transit in Brazil is superior and very the war of Iraq. They is esteem that approximately 25 a thousand people enter every year in death in function of accidents in the transit, being that the accidents in state and federal highways answer for the biggest slice of number. Until approximately the decade of 1980, we had in Brazil some few highways that unhappyly were known by the great number of accidents in occurred them. But in the present time, thus called Highways of the Death if? they had multiplied? of frightful form. Logically that we must consider the increase of the same flow of vehicles and the imprudence on the part of some drivers, but the factor that preponders on the majority of the fatalities in these highways is still the lack of conservation of the same ones. A country as Brazil, with continental dimensions already would have much time, to have developed a project of intermodal transports, where the railroads and the hidrovias had more investments, so that the same ones could? to disencumber? I transit it in the highways.

But projects thus are elencados in electoral campaigns for the most diverse candidates, for the most different partisan acronyms, and to the end, simply they are forgotten. Intention porm is not here to argue the advantages and disadvantages of the Railroad and the Hidrovia and yes the necessary investments? urgent? for the highways, since to reorganize the transport in Brazil, she would be necessary of time and alliance between the civil and governmental society for such enterprise. The Center-South (englobando the South, Southeastern region and part of the Center-West) for describing? center? economic of Brazil it faces problems we serssimos with its Highways. The conserved highways are few and for them automobiles and great number of trucks pass through daily heavy that they carry the agricultural and industrial production from the country. It is fact that these few highways do not water down much time Are of first urgency the duplication of the Brazilian highways; so that let us not can depend on pedagiadas highways. Well well-taken care of highways more represent an incentive for the development of the Brazilian economy as well as the preservation of lives that is most important of everything.

Conserved highways would be the certainty to be able in the next holiday? to go down? them beaches and to know that we will come back to the one safe. In short my expensive readers; let us make our part stops with the national Highways through our vote in 03 of October as well as always let us continue charging and demanding the maintenance of our roads and highways and waiting who he knows in the future a system of intermodal transports where the term Highways of the Death had not passed of a sad past, but a past in the history of the development of Brazil and all we. He says not to? Highways of the Death.